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Valley Church, Andover

Who are we

The Valley Church started life in the Tasker’s Mission Hall in Anna Valley, growing to become the “Waterloo Free Church” and, eventually, the Valley Church as it is now.

For our regular Sunday/Weekday meetings the members meet in each other’s homes.  These various home groups meet in the town of Andover and surrounding area, and each of these groups has a “Home Church Leader” or team of leaders.  As well as this, we meet as a whole church every six weeks or so.

We also run a community building which is located in Andover town centre (in Bridge Street) and is called “The Bridge”. The building consists of a coffee shop, book shop (run by The Vine Trust) and various meeting rooms and offices.  For more information, please visit the page dedicated to “The Bridge”.

The church is overseen by Elders and we also have a Leadership Team.

Currently, the elders are:

  • Andy Carter
  • Alan Evans
  • Peter Kinross

The leadership team is:

  • Andy Carter
  • Carolyn Carter
  • Alan Evans
  • Hilary Evans
  • Peter Kinross
  • Gail Kinross
  • Mark Barlow
  • Brian Pollard

We maintain close contacts with the Impact Network (see the “What we do” page for more information).


The Valley Church is closely associated with and supports the Impact Network Trust

The Valley Church is a member of the Evangelical Alliance