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Wellington Bowling Club

2019 Club Comp. Draws

The 2019 outdoor competitions committee is comprised of Henry Richbell and Eddie Dilley (assisted by Jay Merrell). These gentlemen should be approached, in the first instance, should you encounter any problems with a competition or suspect you may not be able to play a match on time. If the competitions committee is unable to resolve your issue it will be referred to the club chairman, Geoff Stamp, for a final decision. 

Club Competitions- Instructions

The first named (top) player on the draw list, the challenger, is responsible for contacting the second named player, the opponent, as soon as possible, and at least ten days before the play-by-date, to arrange a mutually convenient date for their match. The challenger must offer at least three dates to the opponent, all of which should be well in advance of the play-by-date and will book the agreed date in the RINK BOOKING folder to ensure a rink is available.  Members are encouraged to arrange their matches as soon as possible.

The challenger will also be responsible for providing a marker for singles matches.

Where the play-by date is imminent it is suggested the opponent contacts the challenger to try to arrange a convenient date to play the match.

Failure to complete a match by the play-by-date may result in the challenger forfeiting the match; unless it can be proved that the fault lies with the opponent. The competition committee will consider each delayed match on a case by case basis. However, the least we would expect is for a booking for the match to be made in the RINK BOOKING folder.

All entrants in singles competitions are expected to act as markers.

Please observe the dress code.

Completed score cards should be placed in the box. Do not write on the draw sheets. A member of the competition committee will do that before placing in the publicity officer’s box. 

Handicap- Where two players have a different handicap, calculate the difference and add that to the higher handicapped player’s score at the first end. For example, player A has a handicap of 3, player B 7, player B has 4 points added to the first end on the score card. Where both players’ handicaps are equal, they both start on zero.

Competition Committee.


     OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP SINGLES              (First player to 21 shots- 4 woods)                                                           

     OPEN TRIPLES*                                          (See webpage)

     OPEN NEW BOWLERS COMPETITION**    (First player to 21 shots- 4 woods)


    AMY STANTON HANDICAP PAIRS ***          (21 Ends- 3 woods)


    CHAMPIONSHIP SINGLES                          (First player to 21 shots- 4 woods)                     

    HANDICAP SINGLES                                    (First player to 21 shots- 4 woods)

    TWO-WOOD SINGLES                                   (21 Ends - 2 woods)


    CHAMPIONSHIP SINGLES                          (First player to 21 shots- 4 woods)                                                         

    HANDICAP SINGLES                                    (First player to 21 shots- 4 woods)

    TWO-WOOD SINGLES                                 (21 Ends - 2 woods)

    *This year the triples competition will be “OPEN” to all club members and the whole competition will take place on one day. Bank Holiday Monday 26th August 2019. Please see club website or competition notice board for more information. Nb: Depending on numbers this competition may start in the morning.

**The New Bowlers Competition is “OPEN” to all club members who are new to bowling, have been coached at the club and have joined since April 1st 2017. Nb: Players with league experience may be barred from entering at the discretion of the competition committee. 

***The Amy Stanton Handicap Pairs is now a mixed competition (a lady and man make up the pair). You may nominate a preferred partner. Otherwise you will be drawn one. (See Handicap guidelines).