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Wellington Bowling Club



The following forms are enclosed – they will also be available on the Competition section of the website.

Form SBA Comp 1 This is the Individual Championships/Competition Entry Form. It is designed for use by players of either gender. Club Secretaries should make sure they circulate a copy of this form to every member of their Club and ensure completed forms are returned to them with entry fee by Sunday 30th September at the latest. This will give you time to complete and return Form SBA Comp2 to Brian Pocock by the 1st November deadline.

Form SBA Comp 2 This is a Summary Entry Form for completion by the Club Secretary, or delegated Club Officer, onto which the number of individual entrants should be recorded as well as the Club’s own entries relating to Turnbull/Fear Cups, Southey Trophy, the Hon Secretaries competitions and County League teams. When fully completed SBA Comp2 should be returned to Brian Pocock with ONE CHEQUE covering the full amount payable to “Somerset Bowls Association” no later than 1st November. The form should be typed and a copy submitted by email to: sbacomps@gmail.com

Form SBA Comp 3 Please note we have had to return to the old system of listing every named player. This is for Club Secretaries to provide an alphabetical list (by surname) of all entrants, please include those entered in the Hon. Secretaries Competition. The list should be typed and a copy submitted by email to: sbacomps@gmail.com

For further information please contact: Brian Pocock on 01934 782899 or email sbacomps@gmail.com