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Wellington Bowling Club

2017 AGM Monday 23rd Oct 7.00pm

By info@wellingtonbowling.club Wellington Bowling Club

Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Wellington Bowling Club Contributor


The documents for the 2017 AGM which is on Monday 23rd October at 7pm sharp can be found by clicking here.

Unfortunately, the new treasurer has found a problem with the figures and has been working flat out to resolve this and has not had time to issue a report but he will do so before the meeting.  The problem is now more or less sorted so need to worry about it.  This work had to be done urgently as delay would affect the Auditing process,
If you can't print a copy and need a hard copy please let me know and I will put a copy in the box for you.
Whilst writing, we have been getting questions regarding the removal of the Drinks machine from the Indoor Green.  The Executive Committee and the General Committee have discussed this matter in detail as follows:
The removal of the old Drinks Machine was necessary because it was malfunctioning and could not be repaired because it was too old and in poor condition. The heating element was not raising the temperature high enough and there was a danger of legionella.  When we looked at the costs the actual amount of drinks sold did not cover the cost of the drinks because low sales meant we had to keep scrapping stock which became out of date.
We looked into the cost of a new machine and the cost is about £3,000 which is prohibitive at this time and it would never pay for itself.  That's why it wasn't replaced. 
If you need a drink during a game who not bring one with you?

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There is free parking in the Leisure Centre car park which is immediately adjacent to the Bowling Club.