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Changes to the club premises

By Wellington Bowling Club

Wednesday, 3 March 2021


Wellington Bowling Club Contributor


We all offer our special thanks to Derrick, Steve and Tony who spent a great many weeks of their time carrying out the work. If you haven't been able to visit the club since last April you are in for a surprise!

Phase one of the building extension was completed early last year; we now have new Toilet facilities and a new Secure Store for the mowers and tools. The Ladies and Gents changing rooms have been switched over and the Disabled Toilet has been relocated. The project was done to a very high standard thanks to Richard Manning who acted as Clerk of Works for the Extension project.

When the COVID Pandemic struck and we were thrust into lockdown the Exec. Committee decided that whilst the club was not being used we should seize the opportunity to press ahead with phase 2 and carry out the modifications to the Clubroom. This will avoid considerable disruption and inconvenience in the future. Club members Derrick Alford and Steve Lovell volunteered to do the building work and Tony Woollard to do the electrical modifications.

They set to work and in no time the Bar, store, and Ladies toilet were demolished whilst other members removed all the rubble. Steve built a new bar and Derek did the making good to the building fabric. Tony re-wired much of the electric system to suit the new layout. Several members attended and helped to clean up and paint the ceiling and walls. To finish we installed new flooring and purchased new furniture. A new front door and canopy have been installed at the front entrance. The less visible improvements include Low Energy lighting, Internet Access, and a card reader at the bar so members have the option to pay by bank card.

A TV monitor has been installed adjacent to the bar and is connected to a computer linked to the Internet. This system will allow members the option to book Indoor and Outdoor Rinks using the on-line 'Bowlr' system. Details on how to book will be explained to all members. During the first lockdown, we installed ventilation fans in the Indoor rink so that Indoor Bowling could take place but then we had to close again when the second wave struck. However, we found that the fans when working together with the heating system provide a much more stable temperature. Thanks to everyone who helped with the work and ensured that there were no labour costs, which has saved the club a great deal of expense.

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There is free parking in the Leisure Centre car park which is immediately adjacent to the Bowling Club. Wheelchair access is via the ramp at the corner of the green where Corams Lane joins Springfield Road.