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COVID-19 update

By info@wellingtonbowling.club Wellington Bowling Club

Thursday, 26 March 2020


Wellington Bowling Club Contributor


Added to the Coronavirus Updates section of the website are two items from our local bobby on the beat.

The Advice document is a bit heavy going, but we all seem to have spare time on our hands at the moment !!!

Keep safe


Please find attached an information pack of two documents, containing advice about ransomware, phishing, working from home and online fraud. These are the most prevalent attacks that the UK police forces are seeing right now due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Please pass on these documents and distribute it throughout your contacts in order to remain safe and secure during this Crisis. Threat actors are increasingly targeting individuals, businesses and organisations and using the pandemic as a manipulation tool to install malware and steal personal information. The attached documents will advise the reader of the current threats and how to create a stronghold for themselves while working from home or using the internet for personal reasons.

Any feedback or questions can be answered by myself with the email address included. Stay safe, be secure.

Kind regards,

Kristian Evans

Cyber Protect Officer

Digital Investigations Unit | Avon and Somerset Police

Kenneth Steele House, Feeder Road, Bristol, BS2 2AS.

Tel. 07701283660

Email kristian.evans@avonandsomerset.police.uk


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There is free parking in the Leisure Centre car park which is immediately adjacent to the Bowling Club. Wheelchair access is via the ramp at the corner of the green where Corams Lane joins Springfield Road.