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By Wellington Bowling Club

Friday, 2 April 2021


Wellington Bowling Club Contributor


A decision of the Executive Committee Members
We are sure you are all anxious to know if we are going to play our Men’s Over 60’s Triples League this season.
The three existing Executive Member, Maurice Daniel, John Abbott and Tony Broughton have been meeting regularly to try and analyse what is happening in the Bowls World with regard to; are we going to be allowed or able to play, are we willing to travel to venues or play our league in any way this season and we feel we cannot sit on the fence any longer, we are sure you would like a positive decision now.
With the Governments Roadmap to recovery now in place, it is clear that some sort of Bowls play will be allowed after the beginning of April but there is still massive uncertainty with regard to opening of other options before the end of June.
Bearing many factors in mind, the three Executive Members have made a decision.
We are taking the Bull by the Horns and are assuming the Roadmap will play out as hoped so we should, by the end of June, be back to normal play.
With that in mind our decision is as follows:
1) We will play the second half of the League starting on Wednesday 7th July to the existing schedule given out in October 2020. (An up-dated version is attached and now shown on the website.)
2) There will be no Entrance fees this season as 2020 was meant to be a free year this will be carried over to 2021.
3) We will arrange an AGM during October at which time we would like all Clubs currently holding Trophies to return those please.
4) All clubs should have Score Cards from the un-played 2020 season.
If you no longer have them please contact John Abbott, Treasurer, who will sort something out for you. Don’t forget, you can always use the online Score Card.
5) If the Government Roadmap does not work out as planned; we will cross that bridge when or if it should happen.
This has been a decision made by the three Executive Members.
In regard to any other play or questions of travel; before our start date, we leave that entirely to every Club to make their own decision.
It only remains to wish you all a good, safe bowling season.
See you all in October
Maurice, John and Tony
(Executive Committee)

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