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Wellington Bowling Club


By info@wellingtonbowling.club Wellington Bowling Club

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Wellington Bowling Club Contributor


Members have asked us if name badges could be obtained for fixing to our club shirts so that other clubs can identify us by name.  Some clubs have their names embroidered or fixed to their shirts or jumpers, which makes it much easier to communicate with them.

The 'Think Tank' team have discussed this and have recommended a magnetic-fixed badge that can easily be removed and attached to any outer garment without making holes or damaging clothing.

We have sourced a supplier, and the cost of the badges for a bulk order (minimum 50) will be £4.00 each. 

NB: Repeat orders are limited to a minimum of six and the cost will then be £5.50 each.  You may order more than one badge if you wish.

If you would like to order a badge for you, please put £4.00 in an envelope, mark it "BADGE"  and PRINT YOUR NAME,  or 'preferred-name' you would like shown on the badge e.g. "Chalkie White".

Please put the envelope in the Treasurer's black box in the Indoor Green.

We would like to obtain the badges before the start of the New Season, an order will be placed with the supplier early in April 2017.  If we don't get enough interest in satisfying the minimum order requirement for badges, your money will be returned.


14th March 2017

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There is free parking in the Leisure Centre car park which is immediately adjacent to the Bowling Club.