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Over 60's Triples League 2021 Promotions and Relegations

By Wellington Bowling Club

Tuesday, 13 April 2021


Wellington Bowling Club Contributor


Unfortunately we have lost another team from division 8 meaning there are now only 5 teams remaining; with this in mind, together with the fact that most teams will only be playing half a season of matches and the still growing uncertainty of what might happen during the summer months the executive committee have made the decision that there will be no promotion or relegation for the 2021 season.
There will also be no trophy engraving for 2020 or 2021.
We will make a decision about the return of the Trophies to John later in the year depending how the season progresses and whether or not we can hold our AGM in October.
We do have a small upcoming problem with our existing website. In May 2021; BT are closing down the free system we have used for some years and we need to prepare another site.
Tony has been working on preparing another site and to stay close to our current site URL we have purchased the domain name.
This site ( is now up and running and includes all the major components that were on the original site. Tony will no doubt be making modification over the next few weeks but the BT site is still visible until May 24th after which time you will only be able to view the new site. Any comments, sensible that is; on the new site please contact Tony.
If there are any further developments regarding Covid we will of course be in touch again but hopefully we are pretty well home free now.
Our kindest regards to you all
Tony, John and Maurice
(Executive Committee)

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