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Week 1 Summer Show 2021

WINNERS – Week 1 Virtual Summer Show 2021

Please use the drop down arrows to see all the entries.

COOKERY Fruit tart/pie with lattice pastry topping:

Joint 1st: Jadzia Grimshaw (entry 2) & Clare Swinstead (entry 3)

2nd: Joanne Horn (entry 1)

CRAFTS Collage “Going Places”:

1st: Joanne Horn (entry 2)

2nd: Anna Couldridge (entry 1)

FLOWERS Delphinium Delight:

1st: Jadzia Grimshaw (entry 1)

2nd: Maria Murray (entry 2)

FLOWER ARRANGING Arrangement in a watering can:

1st: Joanne Horn (entry 1)

2nd: Carol Rowlatt (entry 3)

3rd: Penny Power (entry 2)

FRUIT & VEG: Fruit & Veg NHS rainbow:

1st: Joanne Horn (entry 1)

FUN - 9 years & under: Miniature Garden made of sweets:

1st: Isabel & Emily Power (aged 6 & 8)

FUN - Any age: Miniature Garden made of sweets:

1st: Carol Rowlatt (entry 2)

2nd: Anna Couldridge (entry 1)


1st: Edwin Grimshaw (entry 8)

2nd: Phoebe Hiscox (entry 5)

3rd : Stephen Short (entry 9)

4th : Clare Swinstead (entry 3)

YOUR FAVOURITE Hanging Basket:

1st : Peter Short (entry 1)

2nd: Vera Short (entry 2)