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2018 Finals Weekend - Results

Finals Weekend 15th & 16th September 2018

Competition Winner(s) Finalists

Men's Championship

Don Jordan

Paul Bennett

Men's Handicap

Mick Rumble

Vernon Barrett

Men's Pairs

Joe Walsh & Peter Bew

John Lynch & Vernon Barrett

Ladies Championship

Jan Smith

Joyce Wing

Ladies Handicap

Sylvia Matthews

Caroline Walsh

Ladies Pairs

Jan Smith & Lin Would

Judith Bax & Chris Jeffries

Norval Cup

Lynne Bayley

Vernon Barrett

Barbara Line

Don Jordan

Mick Rumble

Tom Stewart

Barbara Smith

Joe Walsh

Two Woods

Joe Walsh

Sylvia Mathews

100 Up

Don Jordan

Denis Berkhauer

Yard of the Jack

Caroline Walsh

Denis Berkhauer

Triples Competition

Peter Bew, Minda Baxendale & Lynne Bayley