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Westerham Town Partnership

The Community

The Community The Community

“When asked, most people will describe ‘community’ as in terms of local area – the sorts of housing, the distance to the shops or school, how to get to work (or not), tradition and heritage, or perhaps the level of affluence or disadvantage.... Hardly anyone however seems to perceive ‘community’ as a living and changing phenomenon, a sort of ’social organism’. But that to my mind is exactly what each person’s community is – something fluid and ever-evolving which is different for each one of us at different times in our lives.” 
Hilary Burrage ‘Communities are much more than Localities’ September 2010

Westerham has so many different facets that there is truly something for everyone to enjoy, observe or get involved with. We are very fortunate to have a number of wonderful buildings, old and new, around which the community can thrive.

Our Stately Homes attract visitors whilst our Schools and Churches cater for locals: the Hall and of course our wonderful cafes and restaurants allow friends, family and strangers to meet and enjoy the atmosphere. We have an excellent local economy, good transport links, fine services, and compared to many, are fairly affluent.....

But it is in the people who dedicate time and effort to the diverse groups, organised or occasional, formal or irregular, that Westerham excels. The rich history of its inhabitants nurtures a deep affection for our town, and these pages attempt to invite everyone to participate in today’s Westerham, whatever your interest or moment in life – and if you cannot find it, please help our town to evolve – your help will be invaluable!