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Whitchurch Town

Whitchurch CP
Address 26 Church Street Whitchurch Hampshire RG28 7AR
Description T1 Magnolia: fell. T2 Paulownia: remove one limb overhanging house back to the stem. T3 Lime: reduce top growth by 2m leaving an approx finished height of 4m and crown spread (radius) of 6m and thin crown by 30%. T4 Walnut: reduce back from neighbours house to give a 2m clearance. T5 Hazel: reduce to 8ft high. T6 Apple tree:: fell.
Status Decided
Decision Granted
Received Date 19 Oct 17
Updated Date 29 Nov 17
Validated Date 23 Oct 17
Standard Consultation Expiry Date 13 Nov 17
Case Officer Dave Harris
Full Details Full Details