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Wilmington Parish Council

Notes of the November 2016 Meeting


Apologies for Absence: Councillors J Beschizza, E Lampkin; Mrs A Allen and Mrs M Peters

Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interest or Prejudicial Interest: None by Members. The Clerk declared an interest in Agenda Item 8(d)

Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Minutes of October Meeting approved

Actions Taken Following Previous Meeting: Actions taken following October Meeting noted 

Urgent Items: Chairman announced that inclusion of Urgent Items agreed

Finance: (a) Financial Statements – October statements approved (b) 2017/18 Draft Budget - Exempt

Matters Arising from Previous Meeting of the Parish Council: (a) Village Gates – Payment of contribution noted (b) Remembrance Day Service – Arrangements noted

Items for Full Discussion: (a) Verbal Updates (i) Carol Singing 2016 – Booking made (ii) Christmas Gathering 2016 – Invitations issued and application for TEN made  (iii) Wilmington Fair 2016 – Disbursement of surplus to nominated Charities noted  (b) Allotment Gardens – Clerk instructed to obtain costings for signage as requested by Allotment Association (c) Sir Thomas Smythe’s Charity – Councillor Mrs M Peters appointed as Parish Representative (d) Parish Council Website – Exempt (e) Trees – Commissioning of work on trees in Oakfield Park noted

Planning Applications for Consideration: Planning Applications considered with any comments/observations made to be submitted to Planning Authority   

Chairman’s Updates: None

Ward Matters Raised by Councillors: None

Items to Note or Endorse the Actions Taken: (a) Dartford Borough Council Planning Decisions – Decisions noted (b) Planning Appeals Lodged - None  (c) Kent County Council Planning Applications - None (d) Kent County Council Planning  Decisions - None (e) Other Items to Note or Endorse the Action Taken – Noted or endorsed

The above are Notes only – A copy of the Minutes can be obtained on application to the Clerk after adoption at the December Meeting of the Council