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Wiltshire Farmers' Markets Association


Wiltshire Farmers’ Markets Association has been running markets in the county for the past thirteen years.  Producers are drawn from up to forty miles of a market so most are from Wiltshire, some also come from surrounding counties especially at markets close to county boundaries.

We have a policy of encouraging environmentally sound production methods so we have a range of organic producers and others who produce with minimal environmental impact.  The producers, or someone closely linked with their business, will be at the stall selling the goods, this  ensures that customers are able to ask in depth questions such about production methods, whether a product is free range as well as storage and cooking tips.

We also aim to work closely with local communities and some of the markets will offer a free or low cost stall space (as space allows) for local groups who want to get in touch with our customers.

We welcome enquiries from customers,  new producers, community groups and other organisations interested in getting involved.