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Access to Good Food

Access to Good Food Partnership

The aim of our Access to Good Learning Partnership is to provide Good Food through community-led projects for people who face either personal, social or financial barriers, with an emphasis on:

  • Decrease in feelings of stigma
  • Increase in a dignity promoting approach throughout the Network’s work
  • Increase in collaboration between partnership organisations
  • More successful solutions to access to good food, which are well-used because they are actions which are based on evidence from the community voice, and not on assumptions of what the community needs
  • Increase in community led projects which offer affordable and sustainable alternatives
  • An increase in solutions to access to good food that aren’t crisis management but are developed and designed from the ground upwards.

Access to Good Food Study

We have now completed the initial study - we thank everyone who took part. 

The aim of the study was to build a community-led evidence base for future work; improving health and wellbeing, policy developments, prioritising resources and helping the AtGF network provide sustainable and adaptable solutions. The study had 70 participants, across 10 focus groups; covering the Winchester District with both city and rural locations , single sex groups and mixed groups, with an age range of 20-95, with people who were (or had) experienced a range of economic and social issues in accessing “good food”.

Thematic analysis identified that the participants were well informed about what constitutes a healthy diet, and wanted to provide good food for themselves and their families. The main barriers in using community food projects were:

  • Awareness - awareness of what support/projects were available, and who could use them and how often was a key frustration.
  • Asking - people didn’t know who to ask for help, and were embarrassed of having to ask, feeling judged - were key reasons people were reluctant to use services available.
  • Access - opening times, locations, personal barriers were all problems highlighted in people being able to access community projects
  • Availability - the disparity of available support/projects across the District was problematic

We are currently considering how we take the information forward.  If you'd like to help us, please get in touch.

Community Research Workshop (Intro)

Following the success of the Access to Good Food Debrief and by popular request, Martina is offering an introduction and overview of community research and subsequent workshops on how the research can be conducted in the community.  This is open to community food group organisers and coordinators.

The first introduction session is:

Wednesday 7th September 9am-1pm

Wickham Community Centre, Mill Lane, Wickham, PO17 5AL,

To book your place, please complete this FORM .  More sessions to follow

Directory of Food Aid Providers

Update to follow