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Access to Good Food

Access to Good Food Network

Our Access to Good Food Network was set up:

  • to understand support available for those affected by food insecurity
  • identfy successful projects
  • share best practice and,
  • team up to run additional projects

Directory of Food Aid Providers

The WFP is running a project to map and understand the available Food Aid support across the District. We are looking to create a directory of all the Food Aid providers; whether is is a large, formal food bank or Community Pantry, or a small, informal cupboard where people can help themselves or even a community group who has found it has needed to provide food due to the pandemic but plans to continue for the foreseeable future. The main aim of this project is to simply create a one-stop directory where people can see what help is available, and allowing choice over what type of support people wish to access.

This mapping exercise will also help scope some research being undertaken together with the University of Winchester into community led responses to food insecurity, and also by some work being undertaken by HCC Public Health into Poverty and Health Inequalities. At this time we are not looking for any information other than what type of food aid services are available; we will invite community groups to take part in the other research at a later date, as required.

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