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The Winchester Food Partnership's vision is to create a healthy and sustainable food culture for people living and working in the Winchester District, regardless of income. 

In order to achieve a healthy and sustainable food culture, the Winchester Food Partnership's aims are:

Good Food for All

1. Ensure everyone has access to healthy, nutritious, affordable and ethically sourced food and to information that promotes better food choices.

2. Work closely with food providers, manufacturers, retailers and caterers to provide good, safe, sustainable and culturally appropriate food to promote the health and well-being of the people they serve.

Strengthen the Local Economy

3. Give businesses that support the local food economy, by producing and selling local, healthy and sustainable food, the opportunity to grow and thrive in Winchester.

4. Encourage new and innovative working practices so public and private sector bodies can promote the local food economy by procuring good quality and sustainable food.

Environmental Sustainability

5. Support food production that protects natural ecosystems and resources; promote high animal welfare standards; reduce food miles, packaging and waste; and increase composting and recycling.

6. Maximise the use of green space and brownfield sites in and around Winchester so people can grow their own food.

Strong and Resilient Communities

7. Inspire people about good food and provide opportunities to develop food growing, cooking and buying skills.

8. Ensure planners and policy-makers enable communities to access land, buildings and other resources that enable people to innovate and take more control of their food.

Fairness in the Food Chain

9. Work together to tackle and eradicate food poverty.

10. Ensure workers throughout the food chain have excellent working conditions and are fairly paid for their work.