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Winchester Rotary

Fund Raising

Fundraising is an important part of the Club’s activities. In addition to its obvious function fundraising is usually a fairly sociable activity and provides another means for Club members to get to know one another.

The Club’s fundraising activities fall into two broad categories. There are those dedicated to funds destined for a specific charity or appeal and those for the Winchester Rotary Club Trust Fund. This Trust Fund provides the finance to allow the Club’s ‘service’ committees to operate, make their own donations, run events etc. These committees such as Community Service, International, Environment, and New Generations are very important to the Club and their activities and aspirations feature elsewhere on this website.

Fundraising is principally carried out by reference to individual events run by a Team Leader co-ordinated and assisted by the Director of Fundraising. Members of the Project Teams can be found under Club Structure on this website or by contacting the Team Leader or Director of Fundraising direct.

Fundraising Initiatives 2014/15

We are always looking for new ideas to raise funds.  Below are a couple of initiatives that we are currently working on.

1. Foreign Currency

Earlier in the year one of our Members, returning from a tour of South America, tried and failed to find a charity to take unwanted foreign currency.

Although some airlines and airports have in the past offered this facility nothing existed within S. America nor at Madrid and Heathrow airports.

This may explain why it is estimated that only 4% of the British travelling public give their currency to a charity!

After consultation, it was agreed that a fundraising potential existed if only at a local level.

Phase 1 – under the title “Are you a Currency Convert” this is now in place whereby Members are encouraged to give unwanted currencies at each meeting where a collection box will be placed at the entrance.  Accumulated currencies will either be sold back to Members or a friendly source will be found to exchange back into £UK.

Phase 2 - a Fundraising Committee chaired by Fiona will consider future tactics to include :-

Rolling out Rotary branded collection boxes to wherever the public are likely to have unwanted currencies or where they could logically expect to find a collection box e.g. Travel agents, Banks, Currency Exchange outlets.

  •  Approaching companies to see if any will accept a collection box
  •  Approach airports and ports although there may now be security implications regarding these
  • The security and collection issues related to all of the above.

If any Member has any contacts likely to be supportive, please advise Fiona Whitehouse accordingly. 

2. Rotary Cookery Book

One of the Fundraising initiatives that was mentioned at Club Assembly was to create a Winchester Rotary Cook Book. 

For those of you who enjoy cooking, why not share one or more of your favourite recipes. 

It would be great if you could also add a comment as why you have chosen that recipe, what do you like about the dish.

Please can you email your recipes to Fiona Whitehouse