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Key Views

Winchfield Parish Council (WPC) commissioned Michelle Bolger Expert Landscape Consultancy (MBELC) to identify and describe Key Views within Winchfield Parish as part of the evidence base for the emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Review. The report is attached below.

This study follows on from the Winchfield Landscape Character Assessment, 2022 which provides a detailed description of the Parish landscape and has been used to inform evaluated judgements within the report.

Landscape qualities are characteristics of the landscape that are valued. For the purposes of this study a Key View is defined as a view which allows Winchfield’s landscape qualities to be easily appreciated. Each represents an experience. The characteristics of the landscape contribute significantly and positively to the distinctive character and sense of place of the Parish and should be conserved and enhanced. The views are all from publicly accessible locations.

This report will be used to support policy within the emerging NDP Review. It is anticipated that future development proposals will respect the views identified in this report and enhance them wherever possible. In this way the identification of Key Views will help to conserve Winchfield’s distinctive character and sense of place.