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Neighbourhood Plan Revision 2020 T0 2022

Following the adoption by Hart District Council of its Local Plan it was agreed that Winchfield's Neighbourhood Development Plan should be reviewed and updated. This started at the beginning of spring 2020 and updates will be posted as the review progresses.

Please see important documents below and separate pages for information on the progress of the work by the Steering Group and Working Group , progress with the Landscape Character Assessment and details of Community Engagement

By mid-September 2020 an initial meeting had been held with Hart District Council and the Steering Group and Working Group had been holding meetings to discuss the review.

On 24 July the first Community Engagement meeting was held in the Village Hall. A second meeting was held on 28 November. Details relating to these can be found on the Community Engagement page. A third Community Engagement meeting is due to be held on 20 February 2022.

Meetings with Hart District Council