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Trees for Every House

We are offering every household in Winchfield the opportunity to be part of the tree planting initiative of the Queen’s Green Canopy in Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee by giving you TWO FREE trees.

There are three programmes available:

  1. For those who only have small gardens, we would like to offer up to two trees for each home which can be planted for your own personal enjoyment. 
  2. For landowners with significant space, we are offering a larger quantity of indigenous trees which can be planted over a wider area.  
  3. For those that have an area of hedgerow that needs to be replaced/renewed/in- filled a pack of native hedging plants which can be can be planted in gaps of existing hedgerows.

Get involved by helping us to get this programme up and running.

Winchfield Parish Council has approved a programme of tree and hedge planting within the Parish, which we hope will provide environmental and aesthetic improvements over a period of years.  We aim to plant 1000 trees over the next  5 years, equating to approximately one tree per residence per year as well as 500m of native hedgerows.

We want to expedite this process and bring forward ALL the planting to take place in the autumn of this year. This will be supporting the tree planting initiative of The Queen’s Green Canopy in Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee 2022.  The project will, in only a few years, provide nesting sites and safe corridors for wildlife whilst helping to tackle the climate crisis by capturing carbon in both trees and hedgerows.

The Parish Council will fund the cost of the trees and tree protectors and for those planting at scale; we will assist you with the planting as required.  For homeowners taking just one or two trees, we would appreciate it if you could plant your own but if you would need help with this, please mark the order form accordingly.  Similarly, if any parishioners would be willing to volunteer to help with planting the larger areas and hedgerows, please note this in the comments section of the order form.

In order to get the most benefit we will be purchasing small trees (whips) and hedgerow packs which will take a few years to really grow and provide you with the best enjoyment so please don’t expect instant colour and cover – this is a programme for the future.  Please also note that it cannot be guaranteed that all trees will survive – their care and maintenance will fall to those whose land they are planted on, but by planting 1000 trees and 500m of hedgerow in total, we would expect a large proportion to thrive and provide benefits to us all for many years. 

Below is information to tell you about the trees and hedging options which are available and a form for you to complete with your requirements.  If you would like to suggest locations where we could plant more trees or hedges, please feel free to add this information in the comments section of the order form. We will consider these as part of the planting programme.

We are looking forward to a busy autumn of tree planting and watching new growth for the future.

Please complete to the best of your ability by 5 June 2022 and return to:

Kate Stewart: Ferny Hoolet, Pale Lane, Winchfield, Hampshire RG27 8SW

Or scan your completed form and email it to: 

With thanks from your Parish Councillors; Andrew, Meyrick, Louise, Richard and Kate.