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Wolsingham Parish Council

Minutes December 2015







PRESENT: Chair   D. Sugden, Mrs. M. Epsly, Mrs. J. Henderson, , Mrs. A. Savory, G. Price

M/s L. Richardson,  S. Calvert, G. Dixon , M. Bell, J. Wilson, D.C. Pattison



POLICE:        P.C.S.O.. Ross Burnham


PUBLIC:         Dominic Smith, Chris Hogan ,Nathaniel Lichfield , Durham Road development Dere St. Homes

                        This  presentation was on the proposal to build 13  live work units at Durham Road Wolsingham


            The principle has been discussed with Durham County Council, and is based on people working from home , especially now with better connectivity in internet services, apparently up to 14% of the population work from home, and these units would be of a commercial office nature  attached to the dwelling and would be classed as “live work” units in perpetuity and would not be allowed to become residential, and a condition in the planning consent would uphold this.

There would be 4 car park spaces per dwelling. The need for such a development was being undertaken through the local estate agents, to assess demand. The field footpath would need to be diverted whilst the development was being built, one member was unhappy with a country footpath now being part of a housing development.

Concern was raised at the prospect of three large developments now taking place in this vicinity, and the ultimate increase in vehicles, on the main A.689 at the entrance to the town.


  2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST:CDALC:  Briefing Registration & Declaration of Interests, a new briefing document was circulated to members which included a “flow chart” of what to do in varying circumstances. It was not the responsibility of the clerk to remind members to declare interests , it was incumbent on all members to be aware of the law and to act accordingly.
  3. POLICE REPORT:  P.C.S.O. Ross Burnham gave the report , there had been 33 calls in the period, 3 crimes had been committed, 1 criminal damage, 1 assault, 1 interference with a motor vehicle. 1 call of concern, 3 anti social behaviour calls regarding canoeing on the river, 7 road related  mainly fallen trees, 4 domestic related, 11 suspicious activity/ poaching, 3 alarm activations because of power outages, 1 theft from a stall holder , later items returned.

A question was raised at the last meeting regarding streaming” of CCTV footage, the police force computers would not be linked to such a service as it may compromise their software and data.ie a virus.

Ron Hogg the police and crime commissioner was holding a meeting Thursday 10th December at the Dales Centre, Rural Crime Issues, Cllrs. Savory & Bell to attend, to raise concerns on transport and communications.

  1. MINUTES OF  MEETING HELD 10TH NOVEMBER 2015 , previously circulated and agreed and moved as a true record and signed as such.
  2. CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED :Mr. J. Bell re: Outdoor Gym facility, reply had been sent, the majority view of responders was that the project was worthwhile and should go ahead.

     Mr. Les Pirt , Pole House Farm, re: Egg production unit          , any matters of concern which had been raised regarding this facility had been passed to the local planning authority

Ron Hogg, Rural Crime Issues Forum meeting Thursday 10th December 6.00 pm Dales Centre, Cllrs. Savory & Bell to attend.

Woodland Management Plan : Wolsingham  Estates ,Statutory Consultee , Cllr. Sugden to appraise application and respond if need be.

A new initiative to encourage cycle riding was being made and to that end the “ park that Bike” free bike stands were available, so that bicycle owners could securely lock their bikes, agreed that the project had merit and would investigate suitable locations to fix the bike stands.

  1. RECREATION GROUND: Outdoor Gym Results of survey 93% in  favour of project.
  2. ST. ANNE’S CENTRE: Re-painting internal rooms.
  4. ALLOTMENTS:  A number of thefts had taken place, water butts etc.
  5. TOWN HALL: Replacement Windows as there is an Article 4 direction on the entire Market Place UPVC is out of the question it would have to be wood. Bryan Harris Design & Conservation Officer, would visit the hall and give advice on what is acceptable and workable.
  6. MARKET PLACE: Mr. Renwick Re: recently installed seat and Anti Social Behaviour, if Mr. Renwick was concerned with ASB then he should inform the police.by ringing 101.

Christmas Tree Fallen on car, the owner was asked to present an estimate of the repair costs and any evidence of damage, and these be forwarded to the council’s insurers.

Agreed that if a Christmas tree was forthcoming in the next couple of days to replace the fallen tree.

  1. ANGATE STREET TOILETS : Quotations for replacement urinal. Two quotations had been received covering three options , after careful consideration it was agreed to award the contract to

 J.I. W. Heating Services  for the provision and installation of 3 stainless steel urinal bowls at a cost of £1776, the other quotation amounted to £2150

  1. DEMESNE MILL: Suspicious Activity two vans one with awning  paint spraying cars?26th
  2. THORNLEY WOOD Felling Licence , Advice from Forestry Commission to clear fell & replant. More Woods Scheme , Woodland Trust , Anne Porter to contact re replanting .This course of action was not agreed to and the clearing of fallen wind blown trees to be actioned.
  3. FOOTPATHS There was still no costings to hand regarding the re-surfacing of parts of Lover’s Lane, where tree roots were making the surface uneven., and difficult for wheel chair users and push chair users.
  6. MEMBERS REQUEST: A question was raised by Cllr. Dixon as to what “emergency procedures” were in place , in Wolsingham, should a disaster or snow related problems should “hit” the town. In response the chair stated that Durham County Council and the emergency services would be the responsible organisations to implement any procedures necessary.  Although this may be the case a more local emergency plan should be formulated and personnel “earmarked” for the implementation and coordination of the plan, and a designated Disaster Emergency Centre identified within the town.
  7. WRECASS : The lease with the Methodist Church for the School rooms would be relinquished from March 31st 2016.  .
  8. PLANNING :  21.1  The following applications have been approved:

DM/15/03088/TCA           51, Wesley View, T1 sycamore crown thin 20% & crown reduction 30%

DM/15/02907/TCA           25, Angate St. T1 Fell cherry Tree in conservation area

DM/15/02883/VOC          4,, Hound Hill, Variation of condition2 to allow windows to guest accommodation

DM/15/02524/FPA           Low Harperley Farm, erection of 3 livestock agricultural buildings

                        21.2     The following application has been refused


                         21.3    The following application has been withdrawn


21.4      The following applications have been notified

DM/15/03499/VOC     Greenwell Farm, removal of condition 2 relating to occupation restriction to bring unit into permanent residential use ( resubmitted) 3/94/224, concur with planning authority report

DM/15/03489/VOC     Greenwell Hill House ,removal of condition 2 relating to occupation restriction to bring unit into permanent residential use ( resubmitted) 3/88/638, concur with planning authority report

DM/15/03500/VOC     Greenwell Hill Farm,removal of condition 2 relating to occupation restriction to bring unit into permanent residential use ( resubmitted) 3/91/18, concur with planning authority report

DM/15/03481/FPA      Harperley POW Camp erection of entrance gate and flanking wall, in support of application , as the existing wall and gate will be removed.

DM/15/03481/FPA      Sandy Carr Quarry, temporary building for five years

DM/15/02975/FPA      Mill Garage , demolition of existing buildings on site, erection of retail store , refurbishment of petrol station with associated works, it was noted that no “Grampian style” agreement had been entered into as requested with the PlanArch Design application, for the building of 66 homes and industrial units, regarding agress from both sites.

The clerk read a letter from the planning consultants working on behalf of

James D. Hall ( Spar) requesting clarification on the matter from the developer, and one can only assume that no such agreement had been entered into. Clerk to write asking what the intentions were of Spar concerning the Market Place shop.    


  1. 1.              Finance Reports to End NOVEMBER  2015, reports read and accepted.

Agreed that the Budget/Precept meeting be brought forward to  January 5th 2016

  1. Financial Requests , Great North Air Ambulance, Durham Cathedral, not agreed to.



To consider such other items of business which, by reason of special circumstances so specified, the Chairman of the meeting is of the opinion should be considered as a matter of urgency.