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Wolsingham Parish Council

Minutes November 2015



TUESDAY  10th NOVEMBER  2015  

@ 7.00  PM



PRESENT: Chair   D. Sugden, Mrs. M. Epsly, Mrs. J. Henderson,

                             S. Calvert, G. Dixon , M. Bell, J. Wilson, D.C. Pattison


POLICE:        P.C. G. Moore


PUBLIC:        Mr. & Mrs. Monkley, Mr. & Mrs. Bond


Presentation of Best Allotment Trophies: Mr. David Sugden presented the trophy to , Mr. & Mrs. Monkley, and congratulated both for their sterling efforts in turning a problematic allotment into the best allotment in twelve months.


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: , Mrs. A. Savory, G. Price M/s L. Richardson, Mrs. J. Radley
  3. POLICE REPORT: P.C. Moore gave the report, there had been 31 incidents, 8 suspicious activity, poaching / fish sellers, 2, road related, 7 anti social behaviour , 3 neighbourhood disputes, Attwood Terrace, , 2 domestic related, 1 theft from council depot of diesel, 1 missing person, 1 damage, 1 vehicle crime, 1 assault, 2 drugs related, 4 crimes committed, for damage , theft, damage to window and drugs related.

PACT priorities, anti social behaviour , Attwood Tce, dog fouling near to Parish Hall,

The police office at Stanhope is now open, the existing staff will be complemented by 2 tri PCSO’s from December who will be retained fire fighters, para medics and PCSO’s

The damage to the defibrillator had been repaired and paid for.

A member again raised  the question of parking on the footpath at Hallsfield, P.C. Moore to look into. Also at entrance to Lynndale looking east , more vehicles were parking on the hard shoulder making the sight line east wards difficult.

Neighbourhood Watch meetings November 18th December 16th and as yet no date for January, P.C. Moore to advise 2016 dates.

  1. MINUTES OF  MEETING HELD 13TH OCTOBER 2015 , agreed as a true record and signed as such
  2. MATTERS ARISING : Reply from Mrs. Vivien Welsh re St Godric & St. Aelric, Mr. Sugden to post details on the website. The drainage problem to the well was going to be addressed by Durham C.C. No reply was to hand regarding the evening bus service , using a vehicle where it was not adapted for aged and infirm residents. The clerk informed the meeting that the Disability Discrimination Act had been repealed and a new act The Equality Act 2010 had become law and it makes it quite clear that service providers must give all sections of the community equal access.

Cllr. Bell informed the meeting that the mini bus was in fact capable of carrying passengers with wheel chairs and in all probability the driver was at fault for not offering the service.

  1. CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED : Wolsingham Primary school were to receive some 30 trees from the Woodland Trust, as part of obtaining Green Flag status in being eco friendly, and were looking for support and an area to plant the trees, Cllr. Dixon agreed to liaise with the school and to plant trees in Demesne Mill/ or school grounds?
  2. RECREATION GROUND: Outdoor Gym Questionnaire, completed forms were coming in thick & fast and to date  the ratio for and against was 10 : 1
  3. ST. ANNE’S CENTRE: An amount of tins of unused paint was to be utilised in re painting, and remaining paint to be disposed of.
  5. ALLOTMENTS:  One plot has been given up and currently there is no waiting list, to raise topic in Town Crier.
  6. TOWN HALL: Replacement Windows as there is an Article 4 direction on the entire Market Place UPVC is out of the question it would have to be wood. Clerk to speak to Durham C.C. design & conservation officer to ascertain what can be done, secondary glazing for example.

Users of the Town Hall to be advised that times booked for events must be adhered to and any

Paraphanelia, props. etc are to be taken off site, the whole of the Town Hall cannot be used solely for storage.  Clerk to write to user groups.

  1. MARKET PLACE: The seat was now in situ, thanks to donation from Weardale Area Action Partnership and contribution from Parish Council funds. The Christmas decorations would be fully installed for the Christmas Market, the tree was in place and good weather would be welcomed.


  1. ANGATE STREET TOILETS : Dust and leaves were blowing into the urinal channel , and there was a delf in part of the urinal, agreed to get costing for new urinal trough or bowls.
  2. DEMESNE MILL:  Assistance in keeping the trees in good shape and weeding was required, maybe primary school children could assist and learn first hand that trees need to be maintained after planting.
  3. THORNLEY WOOD Durham Wildlife Trust; Anne  Porter meeting held Wednesday 14th October, they had agreed to help clear fallen trees and clearing so as to promote new under growth.
  4. FOOTPATHS: Lovers Lane uneven surface . Durham C.C. public rights of way officer had attended a site meeting and was actively seeking estimates to re surface parts of the footpath.
  6. NEWSLETTER Topics for inclusion, allotments. Outdoor gym.
  7. MEMBERS REQUEST: new stainless steel urinal. Angate toilets, new trees Demesne Mill TLC, marking of trees identified for felling Demesne Mill & Recreation Ground
  8. WRECASS : A meeting will be held Tuesday 17th November at the Methodist Church Hall.7.30 pm
  9. PLANNING :  Initial development proposals  Durham Road;  Dere Street Properties Live work units. Meeting requested. Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners. Agreed to invite for December meeting at 6.30 pm

The chairman had received a letter from Durham C.C. concerning a variation of conditions to plot 3 Lydgate Lane, which,  he was in discussions with the planning authority.

21.1  The following applications have been approved:

DM/15/02651/FPA      Tanners Mill, 10, The Causeway, extension to agricultural building

DM/15/02592/FPA      Lumley Ling, installation of moorland access track

DM/15/02482/FPA      Site of former Sandy Carr Quarry, erection of Industrial shed to be used for HGV operator centre

DM/15/02987/TCA     5, Rectory Lane, fell T1 Oak, & T2  Cypress in a conservation area

DM/15/02801/TCA     10, Stanhope Road, T1 Ash fell tree in a conservation area.

                        21.2     The following application has been refused

DM/15/02800/FPA        48, Front Street, replacement of sliding sash timber windows and door to front elevation with UPVC


                         21.3    The following application has been withdrawn

DM/15/02822/FPA        Twelve Oaks, demolition of garage & outhouses , erection of two storey side extension


21.4      The following applications have been notified

DM/15/03088/TCA       51, Wesley View, T1 sycamore crown thin 20% & crown reduction 30%

DM/15/02907/TCA       25, Angate St. T1 Fell cherry Tree in conservation area

DM/15/02996/FPA        Twelve Oaks, erection of  agricultural building & associated access & hardstanding,

It was thought that the building was over large, there had been problems in this vicinity with flooding on the main road , would the parking area lead to increased problems. To mitigate the size of the building more screening would be necessary. The proposed access and parking area was substantial and could lead to highway problems, with the close proximity to the existing access. The Parish Council were not objecting to the proposal but the above points raised concerns and  needed addressing.


22        1.                     Finance Reports to End OCTOBER  2015 were read and accepted and cheques              

                  approved for payment

            2.                     Town Hall Charity Trustees AGM  Monday 18th January 2016 7.00 pm

            3.                     Final Budget setting meeting Monday 18th January 2016 7.30 pm