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Wolsingham Parish Council

Minutes September 2015




@ 7.00  PM


PRESENT: Chair   D. Sugden, Mrs. A. Savory, Mrs. M. Epsly, Mrs. J. Henderson, G. Price

                              D.C. Pattison, J. Wilson


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: , M.Bell S. Calvert M/s L. Richardson G. Dixon
  3. POLICE REPORT: PCSO. George Burton gave the report for the previous two months. There had been 79 incidences, 16 suspicious activity, 5 RTC damage only, 1 civil dispute, 4 domestic & 2 crime domestic incidences recorded. Crimes committed, 4 criminal damage, 2 domestic crime, 1 public order offence, 3 burglaries( 1 solved) 2 vehicle crime and 1 theft. The previous weekend the annual fair had taken place and there had been no arrests, some underage drinking had been taking place and the youths were taken to Tow Law in a safe centre and their parents asked to collect. An update on the tress which were to be felled at the School & Community College was given. Cllr. Anita Savory declared an interest as a governor and took no part in the discussion. A “pie chart” was distributed showing domestic violence proportions per settlement which showed Wolsingham was a very low area for domestic violence.

As well as breathalysers being used there is now an operational test for detecting drugs, and Durham Police Authority is one of the first forces to use the test. It was the general feeling of those present that the local police force was doing an excellent job and keeping abreast with technological changes.

  1. MINUTES OF  MEETING HELD 14TH  JULY 2015 , agreed and signed as a true record.
  2. MATTERS ARISING : WEBSITE was now “up & running” and has also been publicised in the local press, and more publicity is in the pipeline.

Ducks, in the Willows would be monitored further as some members thought they should be "left alone” as they were an attraction and an asset to the town.

A member raised a complaint that the fairground operators do not advertise their prices per ride and a concerned parent had been charged £15 for three children on a ride, to be mentioned at the meeting next year.

As mentioned the website is now being “populated” with events data, unfortunately each event needs a photograph , which is time consuming.

  1. CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED :  Durham Wildlife Trust; Anne  Porter, before Durham Wildlife accepts the responsibility of managing the site they need to know the ownership , is it registered as common land and are there any SSI designations. Clerk to supply relevant information. Current lease of Thornley Wood to be terminated.
  2. RECREATION GROUND: Outdoor Gym. Weardale Area Action Partnership are willing to support the concept to the tune of £25k as long as Wolsingham Parish Council contributes financially as well, agreed to support. Four companies had been asked to quote for the supply and installation, and this process was ongoing.

Dog dirt was again an issue in the park, any residents who see irresponsible owners not “cleaning up” to be reported, everyone has a role to play and these irresponsible owners, no matter where dog fouling takes place, should be brought to book.

A further waste bin was requested for the west end of the field, this had already been requested.

  1. ST. ANNE’S CENTRE: A local contractor had been asked to fix the pointing
  2. BOWLING GREEN : A new machine had been purchased so there was no longer a need for contractors to supply & apply the autumn treatment, bowls club personnel would do this themselves at a considerable saving to the Parish Council, and they are to be congratulated.
  3. ALLOTMENTS:  One allotment holder had reportedly extended his poly-tunnel beyond the existing limit of 15 feet, if this was the case then the situation needed resolving.

The judging of the best allotments to be done as soon as possible, Clerk to have trophies returned for engraving.

  1. TOWN HALL: Defibrillator, the organisers to be allowed to position the defibrillator where it was most practicable.
  2. MARKET PLACE: There was no current applications to have a Market Stall, albeit members thought it was a good idea to stimulate competition.

It had been noted how well the shop fronts were looking in the high street, and shop owners should be commended.

Provision of Seat outside Barclay’s Bank, agreed in principle, subject to a successful bid from the small grants fund at WAAP.

A complaint had been received by a councillor regarding the excessive amount of cigarette ends in Post Office Lane. A letter to be sent to the local shops asking that they provide receptacles/bins for the disposing of cigarette ends, and a complaint to be lodged with the enforcement officer, as the owners have a duty to supply bins for cigarette ends.

  1. ANGATE STREET TOILETS : A compliant had been received from Mrs. Ormerod , regarding a parked lorry on the footpath and the recently installed broadband cabinet, a pedestrian had “walked” into a lorry door mirror and had been attended by a paramedic, as her injuries had been quite severe. The question of the cabinet had been raised with BT who would not move it, the lorry registration number had been taken and the owners should be approached for compensation.

Some damage had occurred over the show weekend, of a minor nature.

  2. THORNLEY WOOD: Reply from Durham Wildlife Trust. Lease of Same to S. Robeson
  5. NEWSLETTER: Congratulate shop owners, website, outdoor gym concept, how well the fair had gone.
  7. MEMBERS REQUEST: The local bus operator was now using a mini bus on an evening, unfortunately it is not adapted for disabled users and some residents are not able to attend functions in the Market Place/ Town Hall. Clerk to write explaining the problem and how best to find a solution, also to ask that operating times on an evening be extended, and invite to a future meeting for discussion.
  8. PLANNING : Egg production unit Wear Bank, possible breach of planning approval. Cllr. Savory to make further enquiries on the situation.

21.1  The following applications have been approved:

DM/15/01963/FPA      D.C.C. Holywood Depot, demolition of vehicle sheds, toilet block & fuel pump housing. Erection of 2.4m high fence

DM/15/01635/FPA      West End Garage, 84, West End, erection of steel framed building to replace temporary storage containers

DM/15/01837/FPA      5 Tower Mews, single storey extension

DM/15/02478/PNA    Low Harperley Farm, erection of agricultural building, prior notification not required

                        21.2     The following application has been refused

DM/15/01491/PNC      Bowlees Farm, proposed change of use of agricultural building to dwelling house

                                    Prior notification required

DM/15/00881/FPA |      34,36 & 38 West End, replace windows & Doors

                         21.3    The following applications have been withdrawn

 DM/15/01691/FPA     Site of former Sandy Carr Quarry, erection of industrial shed to be used for HGV operator centre (Sui Generis)

DM/15/01287/OUT     Land opposite Ward’s End Cottages Tow Law, outline application with all matters reserved for erection of Industrial Units

21.4      The following applications have been notified

DM/15/02486/FPA       48 Front Street,  Single storey rear extension 

 DM/15/02478/PNA     Low Harperley Farm, erection of agricultural building, prior notification

DM/15/00881/FPA |      34,36 & 38 West End, replace windows & Doors

DM/15/02191/FPA      Harperley POW Camp , entrance gates and wall

DM/15/02592/FPA      Lumley Ling, installation of moorland access track

DM/15/02651/FPA      10, The Causeway, extension to existing agricultural building

  1. 1.              Finance Reports to End AUGUST 2015, agreed and accepted.

2.              Minutes of Finance Meeting Held 21st July 2015, agreed as a true record.

3.             BDO Audit Report for Year Ended 31st March 2015, “on the basis of the annual return, in our opinion, the information in the annual return is in accordance with proper practices and no matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met”. Appreciation was expressed for the good work of the clerk.

4.              Issues Arising: Minor issue a grant receipt had been entered in box 2 and should have been recorded in box 3. Point noted