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Latest Coronavirus Update

13 December 2020

  • NHS Dental Services over Christmas and New Year 2020 [Link]

29 June 2020

  • Guidance Update for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Individuals [Link]
  • Food Shopping Solutions [Link]
  • Shielding Changes Grid [Link]
  • Wasp Leaflet [Link]

15 May 2020

  • Reopening Household Waste Recycling Centres [Link]
  • WCC Warwickshire Update Newsletter [Link]
  • Dementia Choir [Link]
  • Warwickshire Mental Health Service Information [Link]
  • Healthwatch Warwickshire Survey [Link]
  • Warwickshire Trading Standards Update [Link]

From the Community Safety Team at Stratford on Avon District Council

The Community Safety Team have experienced greater demand for service due to the lockdown measures.

Domestic abuse, neighbourhood disputes, business and cybercrimes have all risen during this period and we wanted to raise awareness of ways in which people can protect themselves and their communities. We have recently updated our website with all the current Covid 19 crime prevention advice and information  would really appreciate it, if  you could send the link to all your voluntary/community groups/local stakeholders please.

To access the webpage click -

We are also regularly tweeting crime prevention advice, follow us- @SDC_Safer


30 April 2020 Update

  • Warwickshire Police - Beware of Telephone scams
  • Corona Virus Testing
  • Summary of support for the vulnerable
  • Access to dentistry
  • Warwickshire County Council:
    • Mental health resource pack
    • Physical Activity pack
    • Prescription delivery
    • Child Services
    • Adult Social Care
    • Monthly County Councillor report
  • Trading Standards and Scams
  • Parish meeting suspension


Warwickshire Police - Beware of Telephone Scams [Link]


Corona Virus Testing

Last night the Government announced the further expansion of access to coronavirus testing to help protect the most vulnerable. Anyone in England with coronavirus symptoms, who either has to leave home to go to work or is aged 65 and over, will now also be able to get tested. Tests are available across the country. They can be booked immediately.

People can register at the testing portal using this link ( Full guidance on testing can be viewed  here ( ).


Warwickshire Summary of support for the vulnerable [Link]


Dentistry during Covid-19

Key message at present is to ring your normal dentist (or contact NHS 111 if you don’t have a dentist – web is best or call 111).  Practices are closed for routine care and will not be seeing patients face to face, but will be assessing patients by phone or video consultation and can give advice, analgesia and antibiotics where appropriate. 

There are a number of centres up and running now for patients to be seen face to face but this is by referral only from a dentist or NHS 111 via a referral hub following the original triage as described above.  The location of sites are not being advertised as patients should not be contacting them direct or turning up.  There are different sites depending on whether you are symptomatic (or a household contact for someone who is symptomatic), whether you are asymptomatic or whether you are in a vulnerable or shielded group.

Patients should not go to Hospital A&E or their doctor as they won’t be seen.  NHS 111 are not referring any dental patients now to A&E unless they are a medical emergency – they will be routed instead into the urgent dental care system.


Warwickshire County Council Mental Health Resource Pack [Link]

Warwickshire County Council Physical Activity Pack [Link]


Warwickshire County Council Delivery of Prescriptions  [Link]


WCC Children Services - COVID-19 [Link]

WCC Adult Social Care - COVID-19 [Link]

Monthly County Councillor Report - April 2020 [Link]


Warwickshire Police - Beware of Telephone Scams [Link]


Five Corona Virus Scams to Avoid

1.  Text messages offering 'free passes' to Netflix for the 'period of isolation'.
2.  Emails supposedly from the World Health Organisation offering a PDF containing advice on how to stay safe.
3. Text messages claiming you've been caught leaving your house and must pay a fine.
4. Fraudsters posing as healthcare workers going door to door selling bogus home testing kits.
5. Text messages asking you to enter your postcode to apply for a Covid-19 relief payment from the government.


Warwickshire Trading Standards email alert Wednesday 1st April 2020: Investors Warned of Bogus Investment Opportunities During COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 many investors large and small have seen a fall in the value of their investments caused by a hugely volatile stock market. Fraudsters are seeking to take advantage of this situation by cold calling or emailing consumers offering people the opportunity to invest in schemes or products that appear to offer high returns in a difficult financial climate, sometimes by claiming that the investments are ‘healthcare’ related. In reality, fraudsters offer ‘too good to be true’ investments that are either worthless or don’t even exist. 

Advice for investors 

  • Beware of any unexpected approach offering you shares or investments. Remember, fraudsters may falsely claim to represent genuine businesses. Some fraudsters have even gone as far as cloning the websites of real investment companies. Others use glossy brochures to make them appear genuine and professional. 
  • If an investment opportunity seems ‘too good to be true’ it usually is! 
  • Never provide personal or financial information to a cold caller or buy goods or services. 
  • Be a ‘ScamSmart’ investor, follow the advice produced by the Financial Services Authority and check their warning list: 


Notice of Cancellation of Parish Council meetings [Link]



15 April 2020 Update from Stuart Easterbrook

  • Vulnerable List
  • Local Police update
  • Trading Standards
  • Cancer  Research UK

Vulnerable List

Based on local GP advice, a list has been compiled of those in vulnerable situations that may require Shielding. These lists are also being used by the large Supermarkets to ensure the vulnerable can access online deliveries. If there is anyone that believes they should be added to this list, then they should discuss and confirm with their GP. Once added to the list, and the Supermarkets updated, it should be possible to register and used the special online delivery services being offered.

There is further help available online and via Warwickshire County Council's Hotline: 0800 408 1447. 

Local Police Update

Covid-19 Extract from the latest Alcester Police North Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) Weekly Report

Reporting COVID related incidents – Over the last week we have again had a large number of incidents reported to us on the Alcester North area from members of the public who are concerned that the government guidelines are not being followed. This relates to a number of circumstances, for example,  people gathering in parks and open spaces, dwellings having visitors or parties for non-family members, non-essential businesses serving the general public and people travelling for non-essential purposes. Members of the Alcester North SNT and local Patrol Officers will continue to attend and monitor these calls when possible, dealing with any infringements appropriately. We do not monitor the local social media sites, so please contact us direct before posting.

We understand people may be worried and seeking advice and information. We'd like to assure you that we are working to keep you safe, we are still responding to emergency and high priority calls. We'd urge you, if it's not an emergency or urgent, to use our online services instead of calling 101. The online form for reported COVID related incidents can be accessed here -

To help us keep our resources focused where they are most needed, we're asking everyone to please follow the 'stay at home' measures set out by the government, and use our online services where possible.

You should only leave the house for one of four reasons:

  • shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible
  • going out for one form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household - once a day
  • any medical need, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person
  • travelling only where essential - which includes to and from work, if you're unable to work from home

These four reasons are exceptions - even when doing these things, you should be minimising time spent outside of the home and ensuring you are two metres apart from anyone outside of your household and washing your hands when you return home. We understand it can be difficult to know what to do, or not do; this situation does need all of us to take a moment and think about what we’re doing and to assess the potential risk. This is a virus that spreads by human physical contact. It’s sensible to do everything you can to minimise the amount of physical contact that you have with other people. We appreciate that the vast majority of people are following the stay at home measures and we're very grateful to them for doing so. We'd encourage you to continue to follow the measures; we are patrolling and advising people if we see them doing things which are contrary to the government advice. Enforcement is a last resort for us and we'd prefer to work with the public to resolve situations through clear communication and explaining why they might want to behave differently first.

Crime Prevention Advice – Please visit our website for crime prevention advice on a number of subjects. Click her to access those pages -

Trading Standards

Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service wishes to support voluntary and community groups providing services to predominantly elderly and vulnerable residents across Warwickshire during COVID-19.  

Trading Standards recognise that at this time, these residents may be more at risk of doorstep, telephone and online crime and they want to make us aware of the best advice, provide us with information via a once a week email, and allocate a dedicated Trading Standards Officer. 

Once in place this would enable us to report a doorstep rogue trader visit, or a worry about a telephone call or email they have received, or a concern that someone is being taken advantage of financially.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK have published Coronavirus advice for people suffering with Cancer and their families [Link] 



2 April 2020 Update from Stuart Easterbrook

  • Keeping the WhatsApp Group healthy
  • Parish magazine goes online
  • What to do in a Power Cut

Keeping the WhatsApp Neighbours Group healthy

The WhatsApp Neighbours Group has now been up and running for over a fortnight, and the Power Cut for some of us last night showed how powerful this communication tool can be to very quickly identify and highlight an issue and offer support.

These bursts of activity on the Group show the strength of our community and help us feel less isolated and that we are all in this together.

Please do remember though that this Group is made up of households from across the whole Parish, from Blacon Farm and Cottages, to Wolverton Fields, Norton Lea and Wolverton village. Before pressing send, please think about whether your message is going to be relevant to a good proportion of the Parish. If not, then perhaps direct messaging to individuals or smaller groups may be better.

This Neighbours Group has been set up for three main purposes: to react to urgent calls for help, to share knowledge of local services, and to support our mental health and wellbeing whilst in isolation. This is a tricky balance, as a sudden lengthy chain of messages could be uplifting and positive for many, but could switch some off from this Group because of what they may see as annoying and unhelpful noise.

How this Group is used will never be perfect for everyone, but if we all apply some common sense, we can ensure the benefits continue to far outweigh any potential disadvantages.

Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions, please direct message me of another member of the Parish Council, or email, message or phone using the contact details on the website?

Parish magazine goes online

Unsurprisingly, the hand delivery of the monthly magazine is not possible at the moment. You can however still get hold of if electronically: Parish Magazine goes online [Link]

What to do in a Power Cut

It can take a power cut to make us all think a bit more about being prepared. A few tips here for future reference.


31 March 2020 Update from Stuart Easterbrook

We now have 70 members of the Wolverton Neighbours WhatsApp group from across the Parish - thanks everyone for your help, support, advice, and shopping tips. Thanks also for helping ensure the WhatsApp group is used for its intended purpose.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or issues, or specific concerns regarding vulnerable neighbours, please contact a member of the Parish Council. As you will have seen, when there is a call for assistance, the response is impressive and inspiring.

A couple of recent pieces of information:

Warwickshire Trading Standards - Email Scams [Link]

Warwickshire Covid-19 Community Led Support Groups [Link]


27 March 2020 Update from Stuart Easterbrook

Mental Health Advice and Resources [Link]

Letter from the Chief Constable of Warwickshire [Link]

Shielding - Support for the most vulnerable [Link]

Warwickshire Trading Standards - Avoiding Scams [Link]


25 March 2020 Update from Stuart Easterbrook

Just had a video conference with neighbouring Parishes and the Warwick County Council Coronavirus Emergency coordinator. Key points:

  • Local Authorities asked to take the lead to support the most vulnerable that are Shielding and isolating for 12 weeks. So Warwickshire will be providing a service to support those that have no other support for food and medicines. To be launched in the next 24 hours, with a Freephone number. 
  • The most vulnerable requiring Shielding have all been written to, with information originating from local GPs.
  • Further information to be provided that we can share around the community on how to use the Warwickshire shielding service. It is recognised that some may need help to get it up and running for them. When the guidance arrives, I will forward and post on the website.
  • Once up and running successfully, Warwickshire will then consider expansion e.g. to Over 70s in isolation. 
  • Warwickshire keen to support and compliment the work of existing volunteer groups.

Also had a local Police update. They are still working through what the new Government directions mean exactly. Some concern that heightened stress levels could lead to unhelpful and potentially misguided confrontations. I offered to use our communication channels to forward key messages.


22 March 2020 Update from Stuart Easterbrook

Good morning everyone and thank you all for the overwhelming response from across our community to get our Neighbours WhatsApp group up and running. This will be a hugely valuable tool in quickly communicating key messages, organising help and support, and safeguarding the most vulnerable. Mindful of course of personal privacy, and that many will want to deal with this situation in their own way. 

As this is a large group, we do need to make sure it is used for key messages, so I’ve added to the Parish website some tips on how to help make this group as effective as possible over the coming weeks and months. In addition, expanding on the Virtual Progressive Meal idea, there are suggestions on how to organise the important but less urgent virtual activities that can help keep our spirits up. Here are the links to the WhatsApp tips and the ideas for virtual activities. Please take a few minutes to take a look.

We do need to make best use of our communications, but if you have a concern or need, and you are not sure what to do, don't think twice about using the WhatsApp group or contacting one of the Parish Council directly. 

To avoid overly long WhatsApp messages, we will be using the Parish website, and sending out links where possible. If you have any ideas or comments to also add to the website, please let either myself, Sue or Kathryn know. We're all on the Group and other contact details are on the website.

It is early days in this crisis, and there will be a period for all of us to adjust and normalise to our new situation. Regional and National bodies will also be developing their response and taking action, including planning deliveries to the most vulnerable who are being asked to isolate for 12 weeks. In the Parish we may not get everything right first time, but by all supporting each other there is a lot we can do, and we will have an even stronger community, when we eventually get back to some sort of normality.