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Virtual Activities Ideas

Ideas for virtual community activities that groups may want to establish and run. If you'd like to have a go at setting something up, please test the water for interest, and take forward any detailed organisation separately from the main Wolverton Neighbours WhatsApp group.

There is a good chance we will have restrictions on meetings and movements for a number of months, so we will have to pace ourselves, as this will be a marathon not a sprint. We are likely to have plenty of time for trial error and for trying different things.

  • Book Club - sharing books and recommendations
  • Film Club - sharing discs and/or recommendations. Streaming is great but something you've been recommended and always wanted to see, may not be available
  • DIY Improvements - top tips, materials and tools
  • Wine/Beer/Gin Clubs - recommendations and swapping
  • Gardening - top tips, materials and tools
  • Pub Night - meet a few mates for a beer through your tablet or phone
  • Great Wolverton Bake Off - provisions allowing!
  • Quiz Night 
  • Treasure/Scavenger Hunt
  • Board Games - sharing and playing
  • Painting and Drawing - inspiring and helping the budding artists and sharing materials and ideas
  • How to classes e.g. how to make jam, make cider, play Bridge, lay a patio  
  • Opera Night - A guided tour
  • Choir Evening
  • Lecture Night - sharing the huge amounts of different and varied knowledge and experiences e.g. Local history, the challenge of achieving net zero, history of Welsh Rugby...... 

Whilst virtual, it goes without saying that where items are being passed on, appropriate and thorough hygiene actions are undertaken.

If you'd like to use this website to share information about a virtual activity you are running, please get in touch with Stuart or Kathryn, or email the