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Neighbours WhatsApp

Thanks to everyone from across the community we've established the Wolverton Neighbours WhatsApp group to make it as easy as possible for people to ask for and offer help; supporting the most vulnerable and hard to reach. 

With such a large group we could all generate a lot of alerts which could run the risk of diluting the really important messages when they are communicated, or switching people off completely.

Below are some tips to help ensure this key communication channel remains as effective as possible:

  • Primary use is for messages asking for help or offering help, supporting the most vulnerable and those that may not be on the WhatsApp group, and sharing information on useful local services;
  • Use "Reply Privately" or message outside of the Group to avoid messages meant for one person being sent to the 90+ members;
  • If anyone is not sure about asking for help from a large group of people, please direct message one of the Parish Council who can then ask for help from individuals or the whole group. You can do this in WhatsApp or use the other contact details on the website;
  • Helping us all through the long periods of isolation and keeping spirits up is really important, but after the initial posting of an idea or suggestion, can the originator take the fine tuning, which can create a lot of messages, onto a different WhatsApp group or other approach such as email;
  • Use the "Mute" function if you want a break from alerts, if you feel there is too much chatter on the group;
  • Here are some suggestions for virtual activity groups - if you'd like to set up one of these or your own idea, please go for it.  Use the Neighbours group to share the initial idea, but then ask for direct messages to take it forward;
  • Use other routes such as direct messages or Facebook to share rumours, jokes, and social and political comments.

As always, drop one of the Parish  Council a direct message, call or email if you have any comments, queries or suggestions.