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Organised Leagues / Competitions

The club plays matches against other bowls clubs in local organised leagues. The men play triples and fours in the Colchester league. Mixed teams are organised for the Sudbury triples league and the Colchester medley fours. The matches take place on weekday afternoon and evenings, and usually last for 2-3 hours. 

The League associations also run knock-out competitions which are open to players from all clubs, and include individual, pairs, triples, fours and team matches.

Colchester Borough Bowling Association website below:


Internal Club Competitions

Throughout the season a number of internal club competitions are organised, which allow members to compete with other members for various trophies. The matches are played on the home green, and a finals day event is held at the end of the season to determine which players / teams can claim to be champions for the year.


Friendly / Social Matches

Friendly, non-league matches are arranged with other bowls clubs, which are played in a very relaxed manner and are open to all members. These provide the opportunity to practice, develop skills, learn more about the game, and also have a bit of fun during and after the match.