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Worcestershire Farmers Markets


If you are interested in becoming a trader at Worcestershire Farmers Markets there are a number of steps involved in the application process. Please read the steps below;

What is required & how to apply:

  1. Read the WFMG Rules & Constitution (& further explanation if required - FARMA website: http://www.farma.org.uk)
  2. Register with Trading Standards and the Environmental Health Office (craft producers register with Trading Standards). Register with Inland Revenue (& Customs & Exise - where applicable)
  3. Insurance: Public liability insurance is compulsory for all market traders/producers. Product and employee insurance may also be required. 
  4. For some food products a Basic Food Hygiene qualification is required. Environmental Health and Trading Standards can advise with this.

Applying to WFMG:

  1. Ring the WFMG Secretary, Maureen Marklew: 07795 656148, or WFMG co-ordinator, Henry: 07795 656149, to discuss. Following this initial interview, if acceptable, you will be asked for your business name, address and telephone contact numbers.
  2. Next, an application pack will be sent to you by post. This includes a leaflet on the WFMG rules, constitution and an application form with verification sheet. You will be required to pay a joining fee for £30 (£25 for craft producers).
  3. Your application will be taken to the committee and, on acceptance by the committee, you will be permitted to apply to WFMG markets.
  4. If problems are apparent with your application we will endeavour to solve or advise on the appropriate course of action.