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Wrockwardine Wood and Trench Parish Council

Rona Harris - My Story Part 2

Well here we are again, and may I begin with an apology for a spelling mistake in my previous article.

I mentioned the pub in Wrockwardine wood as the ‘Whitehouse’, this of course should have read “The White Horse”, my apologies for this error.

I will move on a little now with my memories, and I hope that some-one may have the same or similar to mine.

As I told you, at the age of around eighteen to twenty I continued with my dancing nights, and we were at this time living in Ketley Bank, (Sunnyside Road to be precise). But I was still within easy reach of the buses, both to Wellington and also Brown’s to Donnington.

The time came when the powers that be decided to close our office in Oakengates, it was 1949 and I was transferred to a recently opened Ministry of National Insurance Office in Ironbridge, this of course was long before “The Gorge” and the Victorian Town became so popular.

I must confess that it was not my favourite place then.

In the job I was doing, we did see so much poverty in that area, but so many good things have come out of the Gorge and the Victorian Town.

So much for all of that, my parents decided to sell the house in Ketley Bank, and they purchased one in Roseway in Wellington.

At that time, my father was employed in the Ministry of National Insurance in the grade of Executive Officer, and he was always based in Wellington.

My sister Sheila also worked in Wellington, so this was obvious to all to move and to live in that town.

I was loving my life at this time, I was out two nights a week dancing at the Majestic Ballroom in Wellington, and Sankeys' Ballroom in Hadley, we spent some nights at cinemas, and on lighter spring and summer nights on walks, or in cafes in Wellington and Oakengates, and of course The Cartwheel Café in Donnington ---------- Oh Boy! All types of military personnel came there and it was great too.

But then my parents seemed to have “itchy feet” and it was decided yet again to move, so the house in Roseway had to go.

Now back into the Oakengates area, and my Dad bought a house on the Holyhead Road, it was not a particular favourite of mine and I never really did get used to living there.

Anyway, time marches on, and my life was still good despite the fact that the house was the kind of a property that had a “forbidding” feeling about it, I think that maybe the lay-out of it reminded my Mum of the house in Derbyshire where she was born, and I detested that house so much also.

So far as that goes it was a move and I think, doomed from the start.

But you know, when I stop to think of my life in these times, as compared to today, we were happy with our cosy little cinemas, such as these in this area.

I know the Grosvenor in Oakengates, and yes even the little Regent in Wrockwardine Wood were just something a bit special, and yes, I agree! The “back rows” were something a bit special too.

Back to reality, it is amazing really the difference in things we did and places we went and all in the name of enjoyment. It is a bit scary to me today to know just how today’s youngsters “NEED” everything, but are so “NOT” prepared to do things for themselves, everything has to be done for them.

Please give me my time back again, I loved it and all that went with it, we made our own entertainment, and in turn really enjoyed all of it.