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Wycliffe Bowls Club

August 2018

Tuesday 14th August

Fish, chips and bowls!

Seventeen players and supporters attended the first bowls supper evening, hosted by the D Team, last night (7th August) and after two competitive matches won by Team Twitchett and Team Burgess, all retired to the sanctuary of the clubhouse bar and a hearty fish and chip supper.

The next friendly supper evening is on the 14th and with three rinks reserved there is room for other club members to come along and join in. (Please contact Simon Burgess to pre-order your supper and reserve your place.)

Monday 20th / 27th and September Monday 3rd & 10th  (4 consecutive weeks)

There are lists on the external noticeboard please place your name on the lists for the above dates if you wish to play places are limited.


Australian Pairs allows both people on a team to play Lead and Skip.

In the first end of the game the Leads start off with 2 Bowls each. Then the Skips play their 4 Bowls. Then the Leads complete the end with their final 2 Bowls.

Thus, the Leads act as Lead and Skip in the same end.

In the Next End the roles are reversed. The Skips playing First with their Two Bowls. Then the Leads play their 4 Bowls.

Then the Skips complete the End with their final 2 Bowls. This alternating pattern continues throughout the game.

Pairs to be drawn at random on the night.

Each player will play with four bowls. (Chalk & Measure needed each player)

No visits to the head other than at change over times.

Play will be over 13 ends

In the case of a dead end the offending team will forfeit 2 shots and the non-offending team will set the jack on the next end.

Club Shirts and Greys



Nigel Warren 07863797938     Jo Warren 07980464917