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Accidents at the crossroads

By Lucy Noakes Horsmonden Parish Council

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Horsmonden Parish Council Contributor


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Most people in the village will be aware of the recent road accidents that have occurred at the crossroads at the centre of the village.  Fortunately, no serious injuries have been sustained, but significant damage has been caused to the nearby Crossroads Cottage (aka “Happy Lambert’s”).  Worryingly, the three most recent incidents (all in the past 9 months) all appear to have the same cause – the failure of a vehicle travelling on Lamberhurst Road to stop at the stop sign.


The Parish Council recognises the concern in the village and is taking proactive measures to address this problem.  We have compiled a list of recent accidents (9 since 2011), with details and causes, and have submitted this list to KCC as the basis for discussions on what actions they should or could implement to improve safety.


Many thanks to Andrew and Kate at Heath Stores who have provided eye witness reports and supporting CCTV imagery to help this endeavour.


In parallel with this specific initiative, our overall traffic calming project is currently in progress with KCC.  This is primarily aimed at reducing vehicle speeds in the village, and includes entrance/exit gateways, a 30mph speed limit extension and speed indicator devices to warn speeding drivers.

Please see our Traffic Solutions area of the website for furhter information on the measures which the Council is proposing to put into place to try and assist with some of the issues.

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