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Burr-illiant Improvements at R E Thompson

By Hannah Titcomb R E Thompson & Co. (Vacuum) Ltd

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


I began working for R E Thompson in September 2014, primarily under the role of marketing. Despite not having an engineering background, I've learnt huge amounts about the industry, ranging from inspection, deburring, automated machining, CNC milling & turning, Gundrilling and much more.


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At RE Thompson we pride ourselves in being a forward thinking company, and are continuously striving to improve our processes and efficiency

Over the last few months we have been developing and perfecting a revolutionary new deburring procedure, to ensure we are constantly offering our valued customers the highest quality components, brought to them in the most efficient manner, all whilst keeping our costs at a minimum


  1. Our setters inspect the components as they come off the machines
  2. They then mark up the inspection drawings where programmed deburring can be improved
  3. The component is then sent to our quality inspector, who further inspects them whilst referring to the inspection drawing using brand new, top of the range magnifiers
  4. If there are any further additions to be made to the drawing, the quality inspector will make them, and ensure the final, updated version of the inspection drawing is clear and complete
  5. The program is updated, resulting in little to no manual deburring being required
  6. The component is then machined, and inspected once again by the setters and the quality inspector


This allows us to:

  • Maximise efficiency
  • Offer shorter lead times
  • Offer a zero-defect policy
  • Minimise manual deburring times

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