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Casual Vacancy

By Parish Clerk Ashendon Parish Council

Friday, 6 August 2021


Ashendon Parish Council Contributor


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Would you like to become a Parish Councillor for your Parish Council - a voice for Ashendon that represents the interests of our village?

A vacancy exists in the office of Parish Councillor. Parish Councils take responsibility for a range of local matters and community needs including the local environment, recreational facilities, local transport, planning and housing issues.

Ashendon Parish Council is currently working on traffic safety measures to slow traffic through the village, is assessing the feasibility of extending the footpath from the Causeway into Wotton Road, and exploring environmental/community initiatives focussed on Ashendon’ s biodiversity and carbon footprint. Councillors review planning applications, organise the repair and maintenance of footpaths, oversee village grass cutting and support, where possible, village societies such as Ashendon Playing Fields Association. The PC is funded by the Precept (raised as part of Council Tax), but it also looks at funding opportunities to raise money (and support the modest precept) for local projects. Councillors are currently looking at ways of improving communications with residents so that they feel involved with their Parish Council.

The main requirements are essentially enthusiasm and determination. There are plenty of training opportunities which are paid for by the Parish Council. Meetings are monthly, currently the third Monday in the month and last up to 2 hours but some time is needed outside of these meetings too, to get involved locally in wider meetings (working groups such as the newly formed Traffic Action Group, or for example, the new Haddenham and Waddesdon Community Boards).

The Parish Council will take steps to fill the vacancy by co-option at its September meeting (20th September 2021). Please apply to our Clerk, Venetia at by Friday 3rd September.

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  • 07717 834606

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