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Finger Post Amnesty

By Carolyn Peck Char Valley Parish Council

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Char Valley Parish Council Contributor


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I am just wondering whether anybody out there has any information about lost roundels?   The roundel is the bit that sits on the top of the finger post giving it that extra bit of heft.  Sadly the roundel is also an expensive bit of metal easily knocked off, literally and metaphorically!   CVPC is keen to replace these where they are missing.  The current price for a new one is around £180.  So, if anyone has spotted one in a hedgerow or lying under a pile of rubbish in a shed or barn somewhere, please consider returning it so that it can be re-used.  Just drop it in to Brookfield, Whitchurch Canonicorum.  No questions asked!


There has been some debate amongst CVPC members about whether or not we should correct spelling mistakes when we restore the posts.  Observant road users might have noticed, for example, that the Bakers Cross post directs them to Marswood!   Is it important that these idiosyncrasies are retained or should we amend?  If you have photos of any oddities, perhaps you would like to add them to the CVPC website?  I know there is one particularly imaginative spelling of Whitchurch Canonicorum in a neighbouring parish.  Has anyone else noticed it?


Also, I am also keen to plumb readers' local knowledge: does anyone know what destination appeared on the arms of the post at the Goodens Hill end of Crooked Lane?  I think one arm pointed down towards Wootton Fitzpaine but I wonder about the other?  Was it Morcombelake or Bridport perhaps?  This post is on our to-do list and we want to get it right.  Meanwhile, work continues on the posts at the Five Bells and in the Wootton and Fishpond areas courtesy of Chris Hawkins and Alex Brooks.


And, once again, can I express CVPC's gratitude to the volunteers who have signed up (groan!) to help with the restoration work .  The Council would like to thank all those who have generously given time and / or money to the project.  John Day is our newest recruit and Betsy and Michael West in Ryall are planning to raise funds locally to help with the restoration of the post at the Ryall end of Pitmans Lane.  The project has also benefited recently from generous donations from both Tony and Cynthia Hall and the Whitchurch, Morcombelake and Ryall Flower Show committee.

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