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Parish Council update

By Steve Williamson, Chairman F&GP Committee Warbleton Parish Council

Wednesday, 12 January 2022


Warbleton Parish Council Contributor


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At the Parish Council held on Tuesday 11th January, the Council agreed its budget for 2022/23. This was set at £21,615 (excl any VAT which can be reclaimed). Some key items to note:

  • £500 has been set aside to support local Platinum Jubilee Celebrations across the Parish.
  • An infrastructure budget of £2,000 will allow repair, renovation and investment in assets owned by the Parish Council.
  • £2,850 will be provided in grants to local organisations.
  • £400 will ensure the 4 defibrillaors in the Parish are serviced and maintained.
  • c£3,000 will pay for the mowing and maintenance of the Green at Rushlake Green

Due to its financial prudence and tight financial control over the last 12 months, The Council agreed to use £1,000 from its reserves towards the 22/23 budget. The remainder is funded from an element of residents' Council Tax. The Parish Council agreed that for a household in a Band D Property, this element of Council Tax should be increased by 47 pence for 2022/23 (this would mean a total of £28.29 for a Band D property, an increase of 1.7%); other tax bands will rise by a similar percentage.

Full details of the 2022/23 budget can be found on the website.

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