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Planning in Wealden - Letter to Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

By Steve Williamson, Chairman F&GP Committee Warbleton Parish Council

Thursday, 9 December 2021


Warbleton Parish Council Contributor


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Warbleton is one of a number of Parish Councils that meet on a regular basis in a Cluster Group to discuss common Planning issues, which we know concern many residents across Wealden. Recently, it was agreed that Warbleton Parish Council should put its name to a letter being sent by 7 Parish Councils to the Rt. Hon Michael Gove, MP - the recently appointed Secreatry of State for Levelling UP, Housing and Communities.

A copy of the letter can be found under the Planning tab of our website or by using the attached link:

The letter concludes: "..... we ask for the immediate abandonment of the current punitive algorithm for determining housing need, which also results in the LPA having to approve building on green fields in unsustainable locations with no access to public transport and other everyday necessities such as schools, work, healthcare. Instead, we believe that the district should be able to assess its housing needs based on objectively determined local factors.....".

Warbleton Parish Council will continue to work, both independently and alongside other neighbouring Parish Councils, to represent the concerns of our residents.

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