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Quorate Parish Council

By Anne Wilson BAHons FSLCC AIH Parish Clerk Sutton Maddock Parish Council

Thursday, 9 September 2021


Sutton Maddock Parish Council Contributor


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Sutton Maddock Parish Council is at long last quorate and can carry on with its business. Three Councillors were elected in May but unfortunately one had to resign for personal reasons very quickly meaning that the Parish Council fell short of its quorum of three Members. Following a lengthy delay at Shropshire Council nominations for an election to fill the four vacancies was launched in July when two people stood for election meaning that there are still two vacancies but the Parish Council can now transact its business. After the first Parish Council meeting, the Annual Meeting, due to be held on Thursday 16th September 2021, notices will be posted inviting those interested to stand for co-option at the Parish Council meeting on the 11th November 2021. The agenda for the meeting on the 16th September 2021 is available on the website.

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Anne Wilson

  • 07968 859990

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