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Results w/e 19th June

By Sue Mckay Colchester West End Bowls Club

Monday, 20 June 2022


Colchester West End Bowls Club Contributor


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It's been a busy weekend with the first round of the County Shield against Baddow and a visit from a touring Caister Bowls Club. Many thanks to all the helpers that made Saturday a successful day for the club.

County Shield

A +11 shots at Gt Baddow and a -6 shots at home a win of 5 shots earned a place in the second round against Happy Valley.

Home Team

Peter Biggins, John McKay, Martin French, Dave Comerford 18 v P Mitchell 21

Dave Fisher, Graham Kerridge, John Newland, Mark Hemstedt 16 v M King 19

Away Team

Dean Ritchie, Ian Harris, Roland Ellen, P Hubert 22 v E Ovel 14

Robin Piggott, Howard Manners, Sam Roberts, Robbie Willis 22 v M Newman 19

Friendly v Caister Bowls Club

5 Rinks of triples resulting in 3 wins and 2 losses but the scores in these matches are of less importance than the fun and cameraderie to be had on the green!

Kath French, Mick Barwood, Martin French 14 v R Reeson 13

Mick Barrett, Diane Baker, Sue McKay 10 v Skippy 18

David Baker, Louise Brooks, Doug MacDonald 21 v Derek 9

John McKay, Nigel Roberts, Ann Wright 22 v M Spurway 20

Linda Samuels, Paul Samuels, Peter Longhurst 15 v Keith 19

CBBA Triples

The B Triples played Mersea Island A at home losing 0-6

Mick Barrett, John McKay, Peter BIggins 9 v G Brooks 17

Steve Warner, Peter Longhurst, Roland Ellen 14 v R Ryall 27

CBBA Fours

West End A v Arclight A with a resounding win for the west end A team

Cadell Lench, Ian Harris, Paul Hubert, Dave Comerford 25 v R Nicholson 8

John Marshall, Howards Manners, Roland Ellen, Mark Hemstedt 21 v A Johnson 17

Dave Fisher, Graham Kerridge, Sam Roberts, Robbie Willis 27 v I Norman 17

West End B were also on the home rink against Mistley & Manningtree also enjoying a convincing win.

Robin Piggott, Mick Barwood, Roy Lang, John Carder 24 v P Rivers 19

Dean Ritchie, Nigel Roberts, Martin French 22 v G Thoday 14

Steve Warner, Mick Barrett, Steve Carnihan, Peter Biggins 26 v P Andrews 14

SMTL - There were two matches this week. Away to Boxford Green in the league and the double fours v Halstead.

The resut of the league match was 4-4 losing the points for overall shots by 47-49.

Linda Samuels, Louise Brooks, Robin PIggott 20 v D Inglebys 17

Paul Samuels, Diane Baker, Ann Wright 10 v S Mansell 22

Gen McCrory, David Baker, Sue McKay 17 v M Jones 10

In the Double Fours it was a loss at home by 3 shots and a win away by 19. Well done!

Home: Kath French, David Baker, John McKay, Sue McKay 18 v G Guthrie 21

Away Mick Barrett, Louise Brooks, Pete Longhurst, Ann Wright 31 v T Wignall 12

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