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By Andy Todd Cheltenham Whaddon Bowling Club

Tuesday, 28 September 2021


Cheltenham Whaddon Bowling Club Contributor


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Short Mat has proved very popular again, despite the enforced absence last winter. 21 teams have entered the Pairs League, which will be split into 2 divisions as set out below, based on results from the last time we played. New pairings automatically start in Division 2. The first games in Division 1 will be played on Friday 15 October, with Division 2 starting the following Friday on 22 October. The timetable to get all the games in will be pretty tight, so please try to get your games played on the scheduled day. You can play substitutes in league games, provided they are not in the same division.

There will also be a Triples League of 11 teams, playing on alternate Wednesdays, starting on 13 October.

Start dates have been chosen to allow players to get in some practice before the leagues start. You may like to know that there are no skittles matches between 01 and 08 October (it’s their Charities Cup week and none of the teams who play here are drawn at home), so the mats will be left in place for the whole week and you will be able to come down for a roll-up at any time. The regular roll-up sessions from 2.00pm to 4.00pm on Monday and Wednesday afternoons have already begun and will continue throughout the season.

Pairs Division 1

Mike Newman & Don Hughes

Don Bailey & David Rose

Jill Whistler & Brenda Miller

Tudor Morris & Ray Hawkins

Phil Nelson & Dave Hooper

Ramon Riera & Andy Todd

Jan & Jim Bowd

Malcolm Hodges & Eddie Broughton

David Hearle & John Petchey

Karen & Peter Weir

Teresa Adams & Jan Hawkins

Pairs Division 2

Peter Robbins & Colin Bassett

Richard Mason & Pippa Wordie

Sue Gilman & Maggie Newman

Debby Hooper & Jacqui Simmons

Mike Byrne & Roger Avery

Pev Walsh & Bernard Plain

David Potter & Malcolm Cooke

Angela Utteridge & Dave Simmons

Julia Honer & Gail Gilbert

Keith Hunt & Gerry Warburton

Triples League

Jacqui Simmons, Jan & Jim Bowd

Pippa Wordie, Mike Byrne & Richard Mason

Jill Whistler, Tudor Morris & Ray Hawkins

Gerry Warburton, David Potter & Malcolm Cooke

Doreen Morris, Roy Kirby & John Petchey

David Hearle, Bernard Plain & Don Hughes

Ramon Riera, Mike Newman & Andy Todd

Malcolm Hodges, Sue & Eddie Broughton

Julia Honer, David Rose & Don Bailey

Mo Lucas, Pev Walsh & Peter Weir

Colin Bassett, Jane & Keith Hawkes

Maggie Newman, Debby & Dave Hooper

Contact Information

Andy Todd

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Whaddon Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL52 5NA


Additional Information

The contact numbers are the mobile for the club secretary and the landline clubhouse number. If no reply to any call please leave a message on the secretary's mobile or ring the landline between 7.00 and 9.30 on a Friday evening. The clubhouse is situated next to Cheltenham Town Football Club.