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Southend Airport (LSA) Consultation

By Clerk Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Parish Council

Monday, 4 September 2017


Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Parish Council Contributor


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(this has been sent to local Medway Councillors to see if Medway Council are assessing this and responding). Consultation finishes on Wednesday 13th September - so if you feel you may be affected, you need to respond. Planes fly over the Cliffe arae on their way to LSA Runway 5 (estimated at 30% of arrivals) at a height of 2,500' to 3,000'. The document is available from the LSA website http://southendairport.com/corporate-and-community/proposed-arrival-routes

Parish Council Response

What is this Consultation about?
This consultation only concerns aircraft arriving at LSA. It does not concern departures.
This change would introduce additional arrival routes to complement those already in operation and these additional routes are designed to replicate where possible the flight paths being flown today.
These additional routes would bring aircraft to the final ‘straight in’ approach for both runways (approximately the last 7nm). After aircraft are aligned with the runway they would follow the same final approach path as today
There are two ways to respond – by email, and by post.
Please use this email address to respond to the consultation:
Details of this email address and how to respond can also be found on the following page on our website
‚ÄčThis has been sent to the Medway Councilors for the area to see what Medway Council are doing about it. The consultaton document is copied onto thr parish council web site LINK
Indicate clearly that this is your response to the consultation
State clearly whether you support, object, or have no objection to the proposal.
If you are responding on behalf of an organisation, ensure you make this clear.
E-mail responses will be automatically acknowledged.
If you are unable to submit your response by email you may do so in writing to the following address:
PBN Approaches Consultation Project Manager London Southend Airport Southend-on-Sea Essex SS2 6YF
Responses sent by post will not be acknowledged. We recommend using a recorded delivery service.
All responses will be passed to the CAA. If you do not want your name and address to go to the CAA please make that clear in your response (see paragraph 7.7 below).
Responses received after the closing date of the consultation will be recorded and stored but will not form part of the analysis.

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