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Woore Neighbourhood Planning Team Press Release

By Stephen Clifford, Vice Chair of Planning Team Woore Parish Council

Sunday, 13 August 2017


Woore Parish Council Contributor


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Members of the Team met on 7th August to review the results of the Big Questionnaire. This produced a fantastic response rate of 54% of copies distributed (304) in hard copy and online. Clearly this is more than enough to establish the wishes of the population of Woore beyond question. The replies received were professionally analysed on our behalf by a third party, the consultants Cheshire Community Action Group, and presented in a document which is attached to this release.

We intend to organise another Drop In session in the early Autumn to display and discuss the results with residents, but are already able to give a flavour of these as we begin the drafting of policies for inclusion in the Plan. These will include

  • Housing policies to include the clear preference for small scale developments (one to two houses, or ten or less at most), mix and type and size of property, and for infill, conversions and the encouragement of Brownfield developments – there was a clear message to avoid Greenfield incursions or the creation of new Brownfield sites through temporary work.
  • Despite claims by developers and Shropshire Council that there is no demand for affordable housing for local young and elderly people, there was also a very clear wish for these demonstrated. 62.5% of respondents wanted there to be affordable housing provision in any developments between now and 2036 (the end date of the next Shropshire Local Plan).
  • A design and character policy will set down the strong view of residents that there should be a maximum two storeys in any new houses, and a minimum of two parking spaces for even the smallest dwellings.
  • The Vision and Objectives put forward were all endorsed by more than 90% of respondents, while of the
  • “Sensitive Gaps” between areas of settlement we currently consider the four most strongly supported (either side of Ireland’s Cross, on the Northern edge of the Parish and on the East side between Woore and Gravenhunger) should be more closely defined for inclusion in the Plan.
  • A policy regarding local facilities –i.e. the protection of existing and the provision of new ones.   The Victory Hall and Cricket Ground, and to an extent the St Leonard’s Play Area, were the most used by respondents, and there was a gratifyingly high number who used our local Shropshire Council footpaths.
  • A local green space policy to designate the parish’s valued green spaces. 
  • The Team was pleased by the level of response from local businesses, with a high number who worked wholly or partly within the village, and this can be reflected in policies for the local economy/home working, and on broadband and mobile reception – an issue raised by many.

Some of these policies should be available in draft by the time of the Drop In session, and we aim to have a full draft Plan for consultation by the end of 2017, proceeding to referendum in the course of next year.

A large number of other issues which are beyond the scope of a Planning Document, but clearly of great significance to residents, will be passed to the relevant bodies such as the parish council, the police, or Shropshire Council.  These include such issues as bus services, speed limits and speeding vehicles, road and footpath maintenance, street lighting, community events and medical provision.  The Woore Parish Neighbourhood Plan must concentrate on land use issues, as it will be used to help determine planning applications, but residents’ other views collected in this exercise must not be ignored.

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Sarah Pimlott, Clerk to the Council

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