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Defender Padlock Alarm

North Shropshire Neighbourhood and Farm Watch

Offer Location: Shawbury, Shrewsbury, SY4 4JE
Starts: Tuesday 6th February 2018, 9:30am
Ends: Tuesday 3rd April 2018, 5:30pm

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The North Shropshire Neighbourhood Watch has procured a number of Defender Shock and Motion Sensing Padlock Alarms.  These padlocks normally retail online for anything up to £15 (including P&P), however the Association has been able to subsidise the cost and offer them to NHW members for ONLY £7.50 each.
By combining a strong padlock with a powerful alarm the Defender Padlock Alarm is suitable for hundreds of security applications in and around the house/farm.  This padlock gives the user double the security of a conventional padlock.  When this padlock is disturbed twice within the space of 5 seconds, the powerful 110dB two tone alarm will sound.  Initial movement gives a warning bleep, giving you time to turn off the alarm with the key.  Continued movement will trigger the full alarm.  The siren will continue for abot 10 seconds and is a great deterrent to any would- be thief or opportunistic burglar so will put off all but the most determined.  The padlock re-arms itself after 10 seconds ready for the next foolish person.  If movement continues then the siren will continue to sound. 
Padlock Specifications:
·         Hardened 10mm Steel Shackle to HRC 50-60
·         Supplied with 3 High Security Keys (these keys cannot be replicated)
·         Warning beep sounds giving you time to turn key, before alarm sounds
·         Two Tone Siren sounds for 10 seconds each time padlock is disturbed
·         Corrosion Resistant with hardened Zinc Alloy body
·         Auto Re-Arming 110dB Two Tone Siren
·         Weather Resistant
·         Batteries sealed in a tamper-proof compartment which can only be accessed when lock is open
·         May also be used as a normal strong padlock without arming the alarm
·         Padlock contains both Movement and Shock sensors 
·         Approximate dimensions:  Height 9.5cm, Width 9.5cm, Depth 3cm
·         Uses 6 x AG 13 batteries (supplied) offering 6 month life in normal use

Contact your local NHW Scheme Coordinator or Andrew Carter (Treasurer) to order now!

Contact Information

Andrew Carter (Treasurer)

Registered charity number 1088154

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