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Planning Applications Tracker

HugoFox is pleased to present our Planning Tracker, available to all parish and town councils nationwide, completely free of charge!

See our Planning Tracker in Action

Free to all councils

When you have a free council website with HugoFox you can choose to display planning applications for your area. We automatically created a dedicated planning page on your website where your planning applications are displayed.

Colour Coded

Automatically updated

The HugoFox Planning Tracker automatically adds and updates planning applications on your website saving parish clerks valuable time to focus on other council matters.

Automatically updated

Colour coded

Planning applications are colour coded and can be filtered by criteria such as date, distance and status (granted, refused etc).

Colour Coded

Dynamic view

With our Planning Tracker you are able to view applications on a list or a map. This interactive map allows you to develop a better understanding of developments in the local area.

Dynamic View

Keeping you up-to-date

Your residents and councillors can sign up for planning alerts and receive emails direct to their inbox when applications are added or updated, helping them stay connected to current and future development in the area.

Email Signup