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SELECT DISTINCT PROP_ID, PROP_Title, PROP_Summary, PROP_Description, PROP_DateEntered, PROP_PriceMin, PROP_PriceMax, PROP_PriceDetails, PROP_SellRent, PROP_SoldSTC, PROP_NewHome, PROP_ExactLocationID, PROP_CurrencyID, PROP_RandomKey, PROP_NumberOfBedrooms, PROP_Bathrooms, PROP_Receptions, CUS_Name, CUS_ContactPhone, PROP_LocationGeo.STDistance(geography::STGeomFromText('POINT( )', 4326))/1609.344 As Distance FROM (tblCactusProperties INNER JOIN tblCactusLocations ON PROP_ExactLocationID = LOC_ID INNER JOIN tblCactusCustomers ON tblCactusProperties.PROP_CustomerID = tblCactusCustomers.CUS_ID)LEFT JOIN tblCactusPropertiesBranches ON tblCactusPropertiesBranches.BRAN_ID = tblCactusProperties.PROP_GMG_BranchID WHERE (CUS_Jobslive = 'y' AND CUS_Live = 'y' AND PROP_Live = 'y') AND PROP_SellRent = 1 AND (PROP_DateEntered > '2018/6/22 08:16') AND IsNull(PROP_SoldSTC,0) = 0 ORDER BY Distance ASC, PROP_PriceMin ASC

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