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Adding an Event

Read through this guide or watch our short video to learn how to create your first event.


Once your account has been approved you can begin posting events. Click on the Events link on the left hand side to begin.

Click on the Events link to begin

Add your event title. Click the calendar icon to add a start and end date. You can add an entrance fee or you can click the tick box to indicate that this is a free event.

Add your event title

Add an event description and also include some images by clicking the Add button. You can also add your own flyer and poster images if you have them.

Add an event description Add an event description

Once you are happy, click Save and Checkout to publish your event. You can now manage your posted events. Click Preview to view your event.

Click Save and Checkout to publish your event

Your event is now live. All events you post are also added to your website.

Your event is now live.