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Bredgar Parish Meeting on 10th March at 7:00pm

By Brian Clarke Bredgar Parish Council

Wednesday, 3 March 2021


Bredgar Parish Council Contributor


Every parish in England must have a parish meeting under the law which is the Local Government Act 1972, s9(1). The annual parish meeting is open for everyone on the electoral roll of the parish to attend. All have the right to speak and vote at this meeting. The meeting must be held between 1st March and 1st June.

Parishioners can raise any issue at the meeting and be directly involved in how their parish is run. Parish Councillors attend as parishioners in the same way as everyone else.

In Bredgar the Parish Meeting is usually held in May and facilitated by the Parish Council. The Parish Council often arrange for speakers to give presentations about topics that may be of interest to parishioners during the meeting.

The Swale Draft Local Plan is currently open for public consultation and the Bredgar Parish Meeting is being held earlier to provide an opportunity for parishioners to be informed, debate and express their views. A short presentation will be given to explain the Local Plan process and invite comment.

The Parish Meeting was held on the 10th March at 7:00pm using Zoom.

During the meeting BPC gave a planning presentation as shown here.

Link to Draft Local Plan Consultation

Link to Highsted Park website

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