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Bredgar Parish Council

Councillor Details

Bredgar Parish Council has seven councillors.  Councillors are elected for a term of four years. Each year the council elects a chairman at its Annual General Meeting and councillors are assigned responsibilities within the parish or with outside bodies. The table below lists the current councillors, their roles, phone and email contact details. Full councillor details and disclosure of interests can be found here on the Swale Borough Council website.

There are currently no vacancies for councillors.

The Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer for the council is our Clerk, Teresa Hudson. Her contact details can be found at the bottom of this page. Teresa works in the village Post Office and is available there during opening hours. Our Clerk is the Chief Executive of the Council and carries out the instructions of the council. It is the duty of the Responsible Financial Officer to maintain the Councils accounts and supporting records, subject to directions from the Council and in compliance  with the appropriate Accounts and Audit Regulations.


Bredgar Parish Council Members

Name Role Contact Details

Penny Twaites


Representative to the Governing Body of Bredgar School.

Responses to Residential and Local Planning.

Tel: 01795 830009

email: penny.twaites@ganzlegal.com

Brian Clarke

Co-Vice Chair:

IT; Local Plan; KALC; KCC Highways and Community Emergency Officer.

Tel: 01622 884329

email: bpc.clarke@gmail.com

Jane Ingram

Co-Vice Chair:

Post Office Support; Village Hall Representative and Local Plan.


email: janeandrich@ymail.com


Dick Clack


KALC; Pest Control; Footpaths and Parks & Gardens.

Tel: 01622 884421

email: bredgarpc@dickclack.co.uk

Susie Hickman


Thatcher and Eleemosyary Charities Representative and Parks & Gardens

Tel: 01622 884394

email: susanhickman@hotmail.co.uk

David Priestley


Pond Warden; Pest Control and Heritage.

Tel: 01622 884808

email: bredgarpcdavid@gmail.com

Beverley McCourt


Tel: 07788216020

email: bevspilates@gmail.com

Teresa Hudson



Tel: 01622 884212

email: bpc.clerk@outlook.com