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Ducklings on the pond

By Brian Clarke Bredgar Parish Council

Saturday, 15 July 2017


Bredgar Parish Council Contributor


A duck and drake have nested in my front garden this year. They have made use of our small ponds and generally made themselves at home. The nest was located next to our front door.

The eggs hatched yesterday and very early this morning the duck took eight ducklings to Bredgar pond.

More pictures can be seen in our gallery.

UPDATE: 15th July

Unfortunately only three ducklings still survive. Three ducklings were killed seperately by traffic, then on the 14th July two more ducklings and the mother duck were hit and killed by traffic. Attempts have been made to capture the three remaining ducklings but they have not been caught and remain together on the pond. We can only hope that they are old enough to survive on their own!

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